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What are All-Season Tires?

North America, primarily the U.S. and Canada, is effectively the only region in the world that currently and historically have marketed tires considered to be “all season” tires. Why?

All-season tire
Are All-Season Tires the Right Fit?

All-season tires are designed with versatility in mind. While it’s easy to make assumptions about what most customers want, digging into the details can help you make a smarter recommendation, improving your customer’s vehicle performance and safety as a result. 

All-Season Tires
Hankook: American Drivers Change Driving Habits for Winter Weather

With the official start of winter, Hankook Tire America Corp.’s Hankook Gauge Index has reported 86% of drivers change their driving behavior during the winter season. Additional Hankook Gauge Index findings include: 70% of drivers keep a longer distance between their vehicle and other cars on the road when there is snow on the ground

TIA Promotes Tire Registration with New Video

The Tire Industry Association released its latest installment in its “Tire Safety Starts with…” consumer education videos: Tire Safety Starts with Tire Registration. “With all of the additional attention that has been given to tire registration lately, we feel it is the perfect time to raise awareness on the subject,” said Roy Littlefield, TIA executive

Tire Safety Starts with Tire Selection

The Tire Industry Association’s latest consumer education video, “Tire Safety Starts with…Tire Selection,” explains tire sizing and the importance of following the placard, as well as the basic differences between all-season, summer, winter and all-terrain tires, said the association. “The best practice for selecting replacement tires is to follow the information on the placard, so

Sullivan Tire Offers Drivers Winter Driving Tips

New England-based Sullivan Tire has issued a list of winter driving tips for its customers to follow this winter driving season. A team of “Sullivan Tire experts,” according to the tire business, developed the tips, which are posted below. Get a Winter Check Up Check your tires, brakes, lights, windshield wipers, battery and antifreeze. Consider

TRIB Partners with TIA for Educational Video

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau, with the Tire Industry Association, has launched a video explaining the true causes of rubber on the roads. The video will be displayed at trade shows TRIB attends and be offered to news outlets to help dispel one of the continuing myths of retreading, the association said. “This

Install Two New Tires on The Rear Axle

The question, “Where do I mount two new tires on a vehicle?” comes up often. The tire industry strongly recommends putting the two new tires on the rear. In a November 2010 article titled “Always Install Two New Tires on the Rear Axle,” Tire Review wrote: “A loss of traction on a rear axle causes

TIA Releases New Tire Safety Video

The Tire Industry Association released another consumer education video in its “Tire Safety Starts with…” series. This installment, “Tire Safety Starts with Inspection,” covers the regular inspection procedures that motorists should follow to check their tires for sufficient tread depth and irregular wear and explains pinch shock. “After a particularly harsh winter for most of

TIA Releases New Version of Winter Tire Safety Video

The Tire Industry Association released the third in a series of four consumer education videos planned for 2013. Tire Safety Starts with Winter Tires is a 5-minute video that explains the differences between all-season and winter tires in addition to the performance and safety advantages of winter tires when compared to all-season. The video is

TIA Releases New Winter Tire Educational Video

The Tire Industry Association has released a new educational video – Winter Tire Replacement. The 15-minute video covers installation guidelines and safety advantages of winter and studded tires on passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs vehicles. The video can help retailers explain the differences between winter tires and all-season tires to their customers. “During our

TIA Releases ‘Tire Safety Starts With TPMS’ Video

TIA has released “Tire Safety Starts with TPMS,” the second in a series of consumer educational videos slated for 2013.