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Consumer Reports Ranks Top Tire Manufacturers

Consumer Reports has released its Tire Brand Report Card. Topping this year’s list are Michelin, Pirelli and Continental. Below is the complete report card.   The report card is based on a calculated brand score by averaging the overall scores of the tested models, Consumer Reports said. Tires tested included all-season and performance all-season tires,

Thinking Out Loud About History, Laws and Run-Flat Tires

One of my favorite quotes is “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That was written by the Harvard educated Spanish philosopher, essayist and novelist George Santayana. Our collective history is well-dotted by instances where we failed to recall or understand past failings, only to be reminded once we have failed yet

CR Investigates ‘Counterfeit’ Tires

In September, Consumer Reports included in its rankings of all-season truck tires three sets of “low-price” Chinese-branded all-season truck tires. CR ranked these three sets at the bottom of its rankings, which caught the attention of American Pacific Industries (API), owner of the Pegasus brand in the U.S. Questioning the results of the study, API

Consumer Reports Blasts Chinese Tires

Consumer Reports’ testing has come to a definitive conclusion: Chinese-branded tires are inferior in some fashion. And based on the tone of its Sept. 15 article on the subject, Consumer Reports tends to believe that ALL Chinese-branded tires are below grade. For the first time, Consumer Reports included Chinese-brands Geostar, Pegasus and Sunny in a

CR Responds to Associations

Earlier this month, several trade organizations wrote to Consumer Reports to rebut an article about aftermarket parts voiding vehicle warranties. The magazine addressed the complaint with a new article published on June 9 – “Can an Aftermarket Part Void My Car Warranty?” The Auto Care Association, Automotive Oil Change Association, Service Station Dealers of America

Trade Associations Dispute Consumer Reports In Letter

Four trade organizations wrote a letter to the editors of Consumer Reports rebutting a May 20th article – “How a Cheap Oil Change Can Cost You in the Long Run” by Jon Linkov. The Auto Care Association, Automotive Oil Change Association, Service Station Dealers of America and Tire Industry Association said the article is based