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Three Things to Keep Your Eye on in the New Year

Let’s face it: it’s harder to be an independent tire dealer today than in years past. That’s what longtime tire dealers we talk to—not only in interviews but also at ride-n-drives, on Johnny g & Friends and in What’s Treading episodes—tell us. From supply challenges to expanding tire sizes, the business has gotten complicated. And

Myers Industries to Reorganize Distribution, Materials Handling Business, Cut Jobs

Myers Industries, Inc. announced that it plans to restructure certain aspects of its distribution and materials handling business, and in turn, eliminate certain positions.

Tire Industry Disruption Without Being Disruptive | In Perspective

In this age of disruption, those that come out ahead are the ones open to new ideas, who plan, act and fail fast. In other words, the ones that go slow enough to win.

Richard Petty Patti Renner
Toyo Reports Consolidated Business Results for Second Quarter

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. has released its consolidated business results for the second quarter of the 2017 fiscal year.