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ATG Rolls Out Constellation Commercial Tire Brand

Alliance Tire Group is rolling out its own medium truck tire brand in the U.S. – Constellation.

Conti Launches Ameri*Steel by General Tire

Continental Tire the Americas is rolling out a new line of commercial truck tires from its General Tire brand – Ameri*Steel by General Tire. “We’re very excited to offer a line of products for our customers who want a balance of both affordability and performance to suit their needs,” said Alex Chmiel, marketing director for

Evaluating New Tire Options

It is important for tire dealers to understand that trucking fleets are in the business of hauling freight. Trucking fleets rely largely on their local tire dealer to assist in optimizing their tire program. It is not always easy to convince fleets to evaluate a new tire brand and model because of the complexities involved

Just Give ‘Em the Facts

Commercial truck tires continue to be the No. 1 maintenance cost behind fuel for trucking fleets. Tires can make or break a company. Spec’ing new tires on all 18-wheel positions for a typical linehaul tractor-trailer can easily cost a fleet $7,000 or more. Even when retreads are run on drive and trailer positions, the costs