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Continental Launches ‘Intelligent’ Tires as Part of Digital Solution for Fleets

Continental launched its third generation of medium-duty truck “intelligent” construction tires that come factory-equipped with its patented TPMS sensor, allowing them to pair with its suite of digital tire monitoring solutions.

Tracking Truck Tire Inflation Can Pay Dividends

Tire-related costs are the largest maintenance expense for commercial vehicle fleets, but with the right tools, you can help your customers save money and gain their trust in the long run.

Pirelli Launches Cyber Tools for Fleets

Pirelli is launching the latest generation of fleet solutions: Cyber Fleet Smart and Cyber Fleet Gate.

Answering 4 of the Biggest Fleet Tire Questions

Fleet managers need to keep a close watch on how their tires are performing to maximizing tire removal mileage, minimize tire-related roadside service calls improve fuel economy.

Vipal Rubber Launches New Tire Management Software for Fleets

Vipal Fleets enables quick and accurate tire diagnostics including inventory control and tire measurement and management.

Vipal Fleets Vipal Rubber tire management
Continental Uses IoT to Make Truck Tires Intelligent

Continental is now using Internet of Things (IoT) technology for connected truck tires with tire data collected whenever trucks return to the fleet terminal.

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New Study Highlights Fleet Shock Absorber Inspection, Replacement Practices

Tenneco conducted a study through MacKay & Co. on commercial vehicle fleet maintenance practices that indicates that nearly nine of 10 service providers inspect truck and trailer shock absorbers as part of their preventative maintenance checks.