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Protecting Carbon Fiber Wheels

Because more carmakers are working to reduce vehicle weight for better fuel economy, carbon fiber wheels are an emerging high-end wheel trend that has started to make its way into the mainstream.Because carbon fiber wheels are so delicate, cleanliness is next to godliness when mounting and demounting these types of wheel assemblies.

Inspection Lanes: What to Know Before You Invest

As a rule of thumb, every drive aisle should have an inspection lane. This allows for 100% inspection of all incoming vehicles.

Wheel Alignment Basics

As Americans gravitate to more SUVs with larger tires, proper alignment is of increasing importance as a way for your customers to maximize their investment.

Q&A with Coats: Tire Changers & Wheel Balancers [Audio]

Coats experts Kyle Harris and Ryan Rouser dive into some topics around tire changers and wheel balancers on tire dealers’ minds.

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Inspection Lanes: Reaping Returns on Your Investment

Helping drivers keep up with vehicle and tire maintenance can start by installing one or more inspection lanes in your tire shop.

Coats Inspection Lane Equipment
Commercial Tire Service: Steel vs. Alloy Wheels

With the majority of commercial tires mounted on steel or alloy wheels, your technicians need to know the key differences between them when working with these metals to maintain your customers’ investment.

Understanding Wheel Weight Materials

Understanding the nuances of each wheel weight material in the market can help your technicians perform a better balance every time.

Troubleshooting Tire Vibration with Proper Wheel Balancing

Around 60% of vibration-related comebacks are due to improper wheel mounting or balancing.

Routine Tire Inspections Yield Profit Down the Line

By checking a customer’s alignment and tread depth, dealers can educate customers on their tire health and also offer data-backed repair services to ensure that their car is running as smoothly and safely as possible.

Coats Releases New 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer

Coats 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer offers shops the speed and familiarity of Coats tire changers, but with the center clamp design necessary to protect and care for today’s high-end wheels, Hennessy Industries says.

80C Center Clamp tire changer
Sneak Peek: Product Demos to Catch at AAPEX’s Joe’s Garage [Audio]

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, we get a sneak peek from the companies demonstrating their products in the Joe’s Garage section of the AAPEX Virtual Experience.

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Custom Wheel Service Checklist

There are certain rules of the road to abide by when servicing custom tire/wheel combos so that customers walk away with satisfied service that leads to repeat business.