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Increase Your Profit with These Inspection Lane Essentials

In your shop, time is of the essence. With cars in and out of your bays on a day-to-day basis, you need the most up-to-date equipment that is reliable and will get the job done quickly. Enter vehicle inspection products that can not only save you time by finishing multiple jobs in a matter of

Coats Inspection Lane Equipment
Tire Puncture Repair and Wheel Care

Any successful tire dealer knows that offering a complete lineup of tire services can keep customers from seeking repairs elsewhere and add to the bottom line. Included in that lineup, puncture repair and wheel care are important service offerings that complete the tire package. Whether offered as part of a new tire purchase or as

tire puncture
Finding Your Total Shop Solution

Having reliable equipment is a huge factor in shop capability and productivity, Coats says.

Maintaining Tire Equipment During the Winter Months

When your shop goes to remove a wheel assembly that’s dripping wet with snow melting off, it’s important to take extra care of not only the assembly but also your tire equipment.

Keeping Up With Tire Innovations

To keep up with changes to tires, such as lower aspect ratio tires, equipment manufacturers have had to evolve tire changer and wheel balancer technology. This is the third installment of a three-part article series on equipment innovations.

The Future of Technology & Updates for Tire Equipment

Equipment innovation experts forecast what technology will be used in tire changers and wheel balancers in five to 10 years. This article is a Part Two continuation of a three-part article series on equipment innovations.

Tech Innovations Evolve Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers

Experts from Coats, Hunter Engineering and BendPak explain the types of technology they are using in tire changers and wheel balancers. This is Part One of a three-part article series.

Using Data to Enrich the Customer Experience

Attaching data or a number to a vehicle’s service record adds a level of transparency to the discussion, and moves it from an “opinionated upsell” to a true, fact-based service need.

Coats Tread Depth Data
Gallery: Tire Review Top Shop Event 2021

Check out some can’t miss moments from the three-day Top Shop Event.

Top Shop Winner Burt Brothers- Coats
Servicing Custom Wheels

Next time a custom wheel-seeking customer walks into your shop, follow these cardinal rules for servicing custom wheel assemblies.

Joe’s Garage At AAPEX Opens For Product, Equipment Demos

A fully equipped shop will allow service and repair pros to see new products, tools and equipment in action in Joe’s Garage.

The Evolution of Heavy-Duty Balancing & its Necessity Today

Most commercial tire dealers have customers who demand high-quality rides. This, plus the professionalism of truck drivers today, the evolution of Class-8 trucks and the price of tires has all pushed the demand for balancing.

Commercial Tire Wheel Balancing