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Club 3633 Profile: Andrea Ellett

Andrea Ellet jokes that when her family purchased their business in 2004, it was probably the first time she’s ever been in an automotive shop. “…It was a totally new experience for me to say the least,” she laughs.

Club 3633 Profile: Kelly Sumner

Kelly Sumner got her start in NASCAR, working with Roush Racing as marketing coordinator of merchandising. The desire to be closer to home led Sumner to American Tire Distributors, where she was hired in 2011 as media buyer. In 2013, she was promoted to northeast marketing manager of Tire Pros.

Club 3633 Profile: Phil Greene

Phil Greene was always interested in cars. Growing up he spent time working on his uncle’s racecar, before taking automotive classes in high school.

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Charles Goodyear revolutionized the commercial rubber industry when he discovered vulcanization and filed patent U.S. 3633. The filing of this patent can be seen as a starting point for the modern tire industry. Throughout history others built upon Goodyear’s discovery: Robert W. Thompson, John Boyd Dunlop, André and Édouard Michelin, Frank Seiberling, Harvey Firestone and

Club 3633 Profile: Josh Hammett

Josh Hammett, 35 Store Manager Family Tire Pros Josh Hammett has been busy trying to change people’s negative experience in the tire industry by providing a great experience to his customers. “Business success is when you have earned a reputation for doing it right and doing it very, very well,” he explained. “Customers come in

Club 3633 Profile: Ron Mohler

Ron Mohler, 30 Commercial Development Manager Elgi Rubber Co. Ron Mohler never really has a normal day. Half of his time is spent getting new products to the market, and the rest is spent doing things like assisting in sales management for the brands offered by Elgi Rubber Co. “I enjoy the idea of technical

Club 3633 Profile: Robert Tinson

Robert Tinson, 38 National Account Manager Schrader Performance Sensors Robert Tinson comes from a long line of automotive aftermarket professionals, but recently joined the tire industry three years ago when he started working for Schrader Performance Sensors. As national account manager, it’s typical to find Tinson on the road, talking to customers or connecting with

Club 3633 Profile: Jacquie Hower

Jacquie Hower, 29 Director of Operations Zimmerman’s Automotive Service Inc. In April, Jacquie Hower watched Zimmerman’s Automotive Service’s Family Service Day unfold before her, later realizing that this would become one of the most defining moments of her career. Hower, who was in charge of the coordinating the event, says, “It was one of the

Club 3633 Profile: W. Rippetoe

W. Rippetoe, 39 Senior Technical Service and Training Representative Schrader Performance Sensors When W. Rippetoe started out as a volunteer firefighter, his assistant fire chief told him, “Keep your eyes open, your ears open and your mouth shut!” Since then, Rippetoe has followed his advice and he says he learns something new every time he

Club 3633 Profile: Adam Barfoot

Adam Barfoot, 34 Plant Manager Bridgestone Americas Aiken Country Plant Adam Barfoot joined Bridgestone Americas in 2004 as industrial engineer at the tiremaker’s LaVergne, Tenn., plant.  Over the course of his career he’s worked at several of Bridgestone’s plants and is currently plant manager for its OTR facility in Aiken County, S.C. Barfoot has had

Club 3633 Profile: Jamie Bullis

Jamie Bullis, 30 Lead Technician Bridgestone Retail Operations After 11 years in the tire industry, Jamie Bullis defines success by the quality of the job and the satisfaction of her customers. She has plenty of accolades to reflect her hard work and success. She was the second female recipient of Bridgestone Retail Operation’s 2014 Automotive