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Club 3633 Profile: Kenny Bridges

Maine has just eight ASE Certified World Class Technicians and Kenny Bridges is one of them. Bridges has been working as a technician since 2002. In 2011, he joined VIP Tires & Service where he now works as service manger.

Club 3633 Profile: Nick Sauty

Nicolas Sauty is on a quest for answers to fundamental science problems in the world of tires. As a polymer scientist in the innovative technology department at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Sauty’s work is never confined to a single area. He spends his day developing everything from new polymers to processes.

Club 3633 Profile: Erin Edminister

Erin Edminister tells herself every day that she can do better, and after two years of quickly climbing the ladder at BKT USA Inc., it’s apparent she’s done just that.

Club 3633 Profile: Casey Wall

Casey Wall isn’t your typical “tire guy.” In fact, Wall would describe himself as a marketer first, then a tire guy second. Wall first started in the tire industry in 2004 while working for a marketing agency.

Club 3633 Profile: Jason Lang

Being the head of marketing and a territory manager in addition to serving as a volunteer fireman, Jason Lang has a lot on his plate – but he’s still hungry.

Club 3633 Profile: Brian Corbly

Brian Corbly spent nearly 18 years working as a technician at Carrol Auto & Tire, working for two different generations of owners. When his boss, Harold Carroll, took time off, Corbly would be left in charge. So, when Harold died in an accident while on vacation, Corbly continued to run the dealership.

Club 3633 Profile: Jeff Cheek

Many people have a moment that defines their ability to succeed. For Jeff Cheek, that moment came in the form of disaster. Just 10 weeks into becoming a tire dealer, Cheek arrived at work to find the entire computer system was dead. After returning to the shop with paper invoices, he found the shop’s air compressor on fire.

Club 3633 Profile: Michael McGee

At just 14 years old, Michael McGee got a job unloading tractor-trailers filled with used tires. From those humble beginnings, McGee has come a long way. Today at age 29, he is vice president at Public Tire Warehouse located in Goldsboro, N.C. He says his typical workday consists of two essential activities – retail sales and wholesale sales.

Club 3633 Profile: Cody Lang

Cody Lang was only 18 when he walked into his family’s dealership as a tire salesman. “When a lot of people looked at me they immediately thought, ‘What does a young guy like this possibly know about the tire industry, let alone help me with my business,’” says Lang.

Club 3633 Profile: Carmen Ackerman

Days at Dawson Tire & Wheel are anything but typical for Chief Financial Officer Carmen Ackerman. Since joining the team in 2013, on any given day Ackerman may be collaborating with other Dawson employees, doing financial modeling or working with the financial team to develop new projects.

Club 3633 Profile: Brian Finkelstein

Brian Finkelstein is carrying on his family’s legacy as a fourth generation member of the family business, Max Finkelstein Inc. “Being a 98-year-old family business of four generations came from great decision-making, listening and being strategic in every aspect of the way we run our business, every day.”

Club 3633 Profile: Wes Tatum

Wes Tatum grew up in the tire industry, but never felt pressured to join the family business. “I actually went to college with the intent to become an engineer. Admittedly, there are some days I question that decision to change career paths,” he says.