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Finalists for 2017 School of the Year Competition

WIX Filters, in conjunction with O’Reilly Auto Parts and Tomorrow’s Technician magazine, has announced the top four finalists for the 2017 School of the Year competition.

A/T Tires: The Balancing Act A Positive Future with the LT Consumer

A light truck owner can go by many names: the hobbyist, the off-road enthusiast, the commuter, the worker, the overlander, and we can’t forget about the Jeeper.

Firestone Releases Destination M/T2

Technology has come a long way in 15 years. The original Apple iPod could never compete with today’s smartphones, and who could have fathomed virtual reality headsets would become household items.

Gold Dealers Sail into 2017

A board the Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas, 640 tire dealers, their guests and Continental Tire the Americas staff took to the sea for the 2017 Gold Dealer Meeting. This year 334 Elite Gold Dealers, including 67 new dealers, qualified for the annual Gold Dealer trip by selling more than 2,000 units in 2016.

End the Search: Find the Technicians Your Shop Needs

Across the country tire dealerships are experiencing empty bays and shops are even closing their doors due to simply not having enough auto repair technicians to get the job done. There are dozen of theories as to why shops can’t find, hire, and keep quality technicians. Some blame the millennial mindset, the aging workforce, and the cultural shift to denounce “dirty” auto jobs. Others attribute the shortage to tech schools not producing quality technicians. But it’s not the why this shortage is happening that is the most important point here. What you should be thinking about is how are you, the independent tire dealer, going to change this problem for your business? How are you going to proactively hire and develop technician talent that will help your business thrive? “Sometimes the most important thing is backing up and getting involved in their community and building some relationships with future techs as they’re growing and maturing rather than just putting all your attention on graduates or people looking for jobs,” says Jennifer Maher, CEO and executive director of TechForce Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to helping tech students with scholarships and grants, and creating tools for employers to hire and train techs. You have the ability to be a part of the change and bring in a new generation of successful technicians, you just have to get involved.

Danny Smith: Same Day Tire and Auto Repair Tire Pros

That jolt you feel when the roller coaster car is peaking over the first big drop isn’t the only side effect of adrenaline. Same Day Tire and Auto Repair Tire Pros owner Daniel “Danny” Smith let his adrenaline-filled love of racing drive him right into the tire industry.

Pointing Toward Growth

In the spirit of evolution, Point S USA moved its 2017 Annual General Meeting from Portland, Ore., to Phoenix. During the meeting Point S leaders shared the latest advancements and updates the co-op has been working on to keep independent tire dealers on the map.

General AltiMax Arctic 12

Even in the worst weather, the sub-freezing climate of Quebec, Canada, proved to be the best conditions to unveil Continental Tire the Americas’ newest winter tire: the General AltiMax Arctic 12.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Rick Lang

When Rick Lang decided to start his own wholesale business, it wasn’t about selling more tires. Lang’s vision was to create a business, and meaningful relationships, that offer tire dealers much more.

UHP Tires: Beyond Summer

New technology drives UHP tire sales and brings in new customers.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Audra Fordin

When a recession hit in the late 2000s, tire dealer Audra Fordin, owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in Queens, N.Y., was at risk of losing her business as fewer and fewer cars came to the shop. But through this struggle, Fordin found her business’ (and her own) salvation in an unlikely

Street to Track: ExtremeContact Sport

Continental Tire the Americas rolled out its newest ultra-high performance summer tire, the ExtremeContact Sport, during an event in Palm Springs, Calif., in October. Designed with the help of five International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) drivers who tested the tire throughout its development, the new UHP summer product is Conti’s latest offering that brings the