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Spark Plugs Need to be Replaced Periodically, Advises Car Care Council

Spot certain customer concerns about their vehicle that may lead to your shop replacing their spark plugs.

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New Video from Car Care Council Explains TPMS

The Car Care Council has released a new video explaining TPMS on newer vehicles and why motorists should pat attention to the TPMS warning light.

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Which Late Night Celebrity Would You Trust to Work on Your Car?

For most people, there is a good chance his first name would be Jimmy.

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Teach Your Customers About the Dangers of Potholes

The Car Care Council, in conjunction with AutoNetTV Media (ANTV), has produced a new video about the perils of potholes and how they can affect a vehicle’s handling and performance.

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Car Care Council Invites Shops to Support Fall Car Care Month

The Car Care Council is reminding dealers that Fall Car Care Month is right around the corner. “Supporting Fall Car Care Month doesn’t have to take a lot of time,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

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October is Fall Car Care Month

October is Fall Car Care Month and is the perfect time to educate customers and bring more business into a shop’s bays.

ASA Promotes ‘Be Car Care Aware’

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is supporting the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign by the Car Care Council this April during National Car Care Month.

White Retiring from Auto Care Association

The Auto Care Association has announced leadership changes as part of an overall restructuring plan as well as the retirement of 

Rich White, senior vice president.

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Car Care Council Offers Free Image Downloads

The Auto Care Association’s Car Care Council has created a Flickr account to house photos, infographics and illustrations for those in the auto care industry. “The new Car Care Council Flickr account is loaded with images that can be easily downloaded and used on websites, shared on social media and included in print materials,” said

Save the Date: Women’s Board Summer Conference in July

The Car Care Council Women’s Board will hold its 2016 Summer Leadership Conference from July 27-28 in Indianapolis, Ind. More details about the event and online registration will be available soon at

Make Education a Key Component of Your National Car Care Month Plans

As today’s vehicles have become more technologically advanced, educating your customers thoroughly about auto care will help them better understand all the data that is now available on their dashboard. Seeing the term “oil life” displayed on an in-car screen may mean different things to different people. Helping your customers clearly understand these terms will

Women’s Board Hosting Winter Conference

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is hosting its 2016 Winter Women’s Board Leadership Conference on Feb. 10 and 11 in Orlando. The conference features speakers teaching personal and professional development skills and education on the latest trends in the automotive industry, according to the Women’s Board. Additionally, networking opportunities are weaved into the entire