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Bad Finish: Tire, Service Sales Close Out Year Below 2008 Levels

The topsy-turvy tire and auto service year closed as it began, sliding down in December after an unexpected up-tick in late November. All tire and service sales segments measured appear to have ended 2009 at levels below those posted in 2008. Click here for January 2010 charts. The Tire Review Dealer Panel re­ported that final

Back and Forth: After October Climb, Tire and Service Sales Decline – Again

Consistency, thy name is not “tire and service sales.” After an October that saw tire and service sales improve year-over-year, it was back to more of the same in November with sales falling below those of November 2008. That has been the theme in 2009, where for one month sales edge up to level or

Making a Move: After September Lull, Tire and Service Sales Show Improvement

It’s not quite time to break into a rousing chorus of “Happy Days Are Here Again,” but we appear to be getting closer. Our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers indicates that tire unit and automotive service sales picked up in October – with all tire and service segments rebounding from a poor September –

Getting Closer: Tire, Service Sales Almost Level with Last Year’s Marks

After showing a continued improvement in sales of both tires and service in May and June, our nationwide panel of tire dealers says that July-September vehicle service sales remained just 2% off last year’s mark, and tire sales were down just 1% year-over-year. July’s final tire sales results, according to the Tire Review Dealer Panel,

Holding Steady: Dealers See Three Consecutive Months of Level Sales

Do three months count as a trend? If so, then perhaps we’re seeing thestart of a rebound as our Dealer Panel has now reported three straightmonths – May, June and July – of level tire and service sales. Click here for August 2009 charts Whilethose months have traditionally been strong ones for automotive sales,coming off

Back to Even: Level June Backs Up Surprising May Reversal

Level is certainly better than negative. So U.S. tire dealers should be happy that preliminary results show that tire unit and auto service sales for June were level with those of June 2008. Click here for July 2009 charts And that result follows a May that saw tire and service sales stay even with the

Down Again: May No Flower as Spring Tire, Service Sales Drop

February and March showed some signs of growth with a slight upturn in tire and service sales. April sales results stayed neutral. But May tire unit and service sales took yet another tumble. Click here for June 2009 Charts Tire Review’s exclusive dealer panel reported tire unit sales leveled off in final April results, down

Leveling Off: After Brief Rise, Service and Tire Sales Flatten

After seeing a slight upturn in sales for February and March, preliminary April tire and service sales from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers show a leveling off. Final March results, while slightly down from preliminary results, still came in at reasonable levels: 97.6 for tire unit sales and 97.8 for service sales when

Upward Trend?: Tire, Service Sales Build on February Climb

Preliminary March sales numbers from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers show a continuing upward trend for both tire unit and service sales, building on the uptick witnessed in February. Month-over-month, sales are still below last year’s levels, but the trend (if two months makes a trend) is in the right direction. Click here

Slight Bounce: Tire, Service Sales Hint at Possible Turnaround

Preliminary February sales numbers from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers indicate a bottoming out in sales in terms of both tire units and service dollars vs. February 2008. Perhaps consumers can’t continue to postpone purchases any longer, or it is just a brief bump up. Click here for March 2009 charts Tire Review’s

Where is the Bottom?: Tire, Service Sales Keep Falling, Hit New Lows

Preliminary January sales numbers from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers indicate a continued drop in tire and service sales, a trend that surfaced in April 2008. Both tire unit sales and service sales in dollars declined heavily vs. January 2008. Clearly, consumers continue to postpone purchases. February 2009 Charts Tire Review’s exclusive dealer

Dismal Year Ends: December Sales Continue Sharp Autumn Fall Off

The year 2008 came to a close with a resounding thud, as retail tire unit and vehicle service sales across the U.S. continued to plummet. Overall, tire and service sales have shown consistent year-over-year drops since April 2008. Click here for January 2009 charts Preliminary data from the Tire Review Dealer Panel showed December tire