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How Much Undercar Work Do Shops Do Each Year?

With data based on our 2018 Tire Dealer Survey on service jobs performed per month, we estimate the number of service jobs performed per year by independent tire dealers across the U.S. in 2018.

Top Shop Recap: How the Best Tire Dealers Get Better

Tire Review’s exclusive Top Shop Event brought tire dealers from across the country to Nashville to discuss best practices and the future of the tire industry.

Top Shop 2018 Tate Boys Tire Tire Review
Who are Car Repair Shops’ Biggest Competitors?

Many independent automotive repair shops consider those who specialize in a certain area of repair their competition.

car repair shops biggest competitors
Why You Need to Start Using Video

If you’re like most tire dealers, you have a go-to list of marketing tactics to attract and retain customers. Emails, social media, direct mail – but what about video? 

You Are a Machine: The Robotic Nature of Tire Sales

As human beings we spend the majority of our day in “automatic” mode with our brains “programmed” with automatic responses. It makes perfect sense when you consider that our breathing, blood pressure, temperature control, heart rate and nervous system are all fully automatic.

Finding Gold and Opportunities within the Pebbles

One of my favorite life lessons is that of a teacher who walks into a classroom and sets a glass jar on his desk. He silently places large 2-inch rocks in the jar until no more can fit.

“The Boss” Behind New Tires, Sales Tools

With a renewed commitment to both its dealers and “The Boss” (i.e., the customer), Bridgestone Americas’ leadership rolled out new products and strategies at its recent dealer meeting. The three-day Bridgestone Consumer Tire Business Meeting in Los Angeles kicked off Nov. 9 with an opening night al fresco dinner and VIP tours of Paramount Studios.

What You Should be Reading

Hand-picked articles that will help sharpen your business acumen.

5 Surprising Strategies to Increase Business Productivity and Profitability

In today’s cut-throat business climate, the pressure to generate profits quickly is often unrelenting and intense. From accommodating anxious stakeholders and contending with new competitors that seemingly surface by the hour to providing good service to a varied customer base and maintaining relationships with vendors and business partners, the daily grind is complex. And, to

The KeyBanc Industry Report

After a lot of churning surrounding the imposition of antidumping and countervailing duties on imported China-produced consumer tires, dealer inventories and manufacturer pricing calmed down in March.

Northwood University Econ Report for March 2015

The U.S. economy continued to send mixed signals in March 2015. Recent revised data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that in the fourth quarter 2014, U.S. GDP grew only 2.2%. This was clearly disappointing to many economists who had estimated that fourth quarter GDP would come in at 2.9% or higher. It

Free Or Cheap Websites Help Competitors Eat Your Lunch

Pick your cliché. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You get what you pay for. When it comes to web-hosting and website creation, there is a lot of advertising and marketing pushing free services or services that are so inexpensive that they aren’t representative of the true marketplace. These are often