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Automotive Aftermarket Grew 9.7% in 2022

The industry is expected to grow an additional 8.1% in 2023.

Valvoline’s Roger England Joins the Latest AMN Drivetime Podcast

When asked if he was currently in his “dream job” as vice president and chief R&D officer for Valvoline, Roger England’s response says it all: “Heck yeah. I have a great time. I enjoy going to work,” Roger shares with Bill Babcox in the most recent episode of the AMN Drivetime podcast. “I was hired

A Financial Look at the Automotive Aftermarket in 2019 and Beyond

Incremental pressure on the lower-income consumer from ongoing inflationary pressures and increased complexity of parts are likely to remain tailwinds for repair shops and dealers.

Tire Industry Financial Outlook 2018
Auto Care Industry Projected to Reach $405B by 2020, Auto Care Association Data Says

The Auto Care Association has released the newest edition of its industry online publication, the Auto Care Factbook 2020 and the Auto Care Factbook Plus Lang Annual 2020.

Auto Care Association
AASA, MEMA Call For Nevada Legislature To Oppose Law That Discourages Use Of Aftermarket Parts

The bill, A.B. 173, would prohibit an insurer from requiring the use of quality aftermarket parts for repairing a vehicle and discourages the use of aftermarket replacement parts for motor vehicles.

New Nationwide Aftermarket-Specific Business Brokerage Website Launched

Art Blumenthal LLC, an automotive aftermarket-specific business broker, has unveiled a redesigned website to create an online and mobile phone experience focused on the needs of buyers and sellers of tire and auto service centers nationwide.

Edgenet Expands Footprint In Automotive Aftermarket With Enhanced Product Offerings

The Edgenet platform will now allow both suppliers and receivers to control and distribute product content and meet compliance with industry exchange standards.

There Is No Trough: Looking For The Sweet Spot In The Aftermarket | Commentary

Unlike the OEMs, we have recovered and passed our pre-Great Recession sales numbers and it just keeps climbing as more longer lasting vehicles are sold.

U.S. Aftermarket To Grow At Annual Rate Of 3.4 Percent Through 2021

The U.S. automotive aftermarket is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4 percent through 2021.

E-Commerce Slowly Growing in U.S. Automotive Aftermarket

Although e-commerce is gradually making its way into the automotive aftermarket, 14 percent of buyers in the space today make purchases online, according to The NPD Group. 

ecommerce automotive aftermarket
How Will AVs Impact the North American Automotive Aftermarket?

With the advent of connected cars, the North American automotive landscape is witnessing steady change.

E-Commerce Automotive Aftermarket To Hit $30B By 2025

The e-commerce automotive aftermarket is expected to cross $30 billion by 2025, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc.

e-commerce automotive aftermarket