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ATD Emerges From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

American Tire Distributors, Inc. completed its financial recapitalization and emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

American Tire Distributors ATD
ATD Reorganization Plan Approved

American Tire Distributors, Inc. (ATD) announced that the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has confirmed the company’s plan of reorganization.

American Tire Distributors ATD
ATD Seeks Court Approval for Reorganization Plan, Receives Support from Stakeholders

American Tire Distributors, Inc.’s plan for Chapter 11 reorganization will go before the court for approval this week, and has already gained near-unanimous acceptance by voting stakeholders, the company said. 

American Tire Distributors ATD
ATD Names ‘Critical Vendors’ in Chapter 11 Filing

With more than $600 million in debt to its top vendors, American Tire Distributors (ATD) and its subsidiaries have been granted interim permission by the court to allow them to pay back some of that debt to “critical vendors” during its Chapter 11 restructuring.

American Tire Distributors ATD
What is An ATD ‘Critical Vendor’ and What Does it Mean to You?

If you’re a Tire Pros dealer or part of the ATD network, we’ve answered a few common questions you could be asking about how ATD’s critical vendor filing may affect your business.

American Tire Distributors ATD
Top 30 Creditors ATD Owes

American Tire Distribitors’ top 30 creditors, many of which are tire manufacturers, are combined owed over $600 million from the nation’s largest tire distributor.

American Tire Distributors ATD
In Perspective: What ATD Filing for Bankruptcy Really Means

Tire Review Editor Patti Hoying says that ATD filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a move that, overall, is a positive one, for dealers.

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ATD CEO’s Letter to Tire Pros Dealers on Bankruptcy Filing

Stuart Schuette, ATD’s CEO and president, sent a letter to its Tire Pros dealers regarding American Tire Distributors filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reassuring them that it will be “business as usual” with no lapse in service or commitment to them throughout the process.