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All-Season Tire Selling Tips

Has this ever happened to you as a tire dealer: A customer walks in, phone in hand, thinking they know exactly what tire they want for their vehicle. Yet, after going over some things with you or your service advisor, they decide to go with something completely different? There are a few best practices to

Cooper Tire Introduces New Endeavor and Endeavor Plus Tires

With 65,000-mile warranties for both tires, the Cooper Tire Endeavor and Endeavor Plus are options for drivers looking for consistent performance in a variety of weather conditions, Cooper says.

Michelin Adds 44 New Sizes of Pilot Sport All-Season 4

The Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 is built with a race-inspired tread compound engineered with maximum levels of silica to grip slick pavement, Michelin says

Vredestein Launches Comtrac 2 Winter+, All-Season+ Tires in Europe

The company says the new models feature an improved tread compound that is more resistant to wear.