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Alignment Tips to Boost Your Shop’s Profitability

What would you do with more hours in the day? Probably try to be more profitable and productive, I bet. So why would you risk those advantages if you have faulty alignment tools? In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we give you eight tips to help you make your alignment services more

Why the Alignment Angle Changed: Understanding Forces on the Vehicle’s Suspension

Take a deeper look at the cause-and-effect relationship between external and internal forces that can alter the geometry of a vehicle’s suspension.

Alignment Angle Changed Worn Springs
Stacked Alignment: Solving Lead/Pull Conditions

When looking to cure a lead/pull problem, look for key signs that can indicate an issue with stacked tolerances of different components and systems.

dynamic alignment angles
Understanding Dynamic Tire Alignment: What You See in the Shop is a Small Snapshot

One of the most difficult concepts for any technician is how alignment angles change when a vehicle is accelerating, braking and cornering. And what you see in the alignment bay is just a small snapshot.

dynamic alignment angles
10 Alignment Tips to Help You See Past The Angles

1 Talk to the driver. Always ask questions at the time the vehicle is written up. Find out why customers think they need an alignment. 2 Take notes. Nothing is worse than a repair order that just says “perform alignment” or “needs alignment.”  Notes on the repair order can prevent comebacks that stem from a