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Pinnacle Automotive Systems Releases Jumbo 3-D Heavy Truck Aligner

Pinnacle Automotive Systems has released the next generation Jumbo 3D Heavy Truck Aligner, which can align six axles simultaneously in under three minutes.

Maintenance Minute: Suspension Hardware – End Alignment Bay Frustration!

Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel discusses suspension links on late model vehicles,and using the right hardware to install components without later issues in the alignment bay.

Andrew Markel Maintenance Minute
SEMA 2018: Hunter Engineering Introduces Drive Over Tread Depth Measuring Tool

Hunter Engineering Co. introduced its next-generation drive over tire tread depth measuring tool, Quick Tread Edge, at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Stacked Alignment: Solving Lead/Pull Conditions

When looking to cure a lead/pull problem, look for key signs that can indicate an issue with stacked tolerances of different components and systems.

dynamic alignment angles
How Profitable Is Offering Alignments? See For Yourself

Bee Line explains how alignment services deliver the potential of additional profit for independent tire dealers.

Bee line Alignment system ROI
Hunter Engineering Releases Touchless Alignment Inspection System

Hunter Engineering Co. has launched its latest vehicle service innovation, Quick Check Drive – a touchless alignment inspection system.

hunter engineering quick check drive alignment system
Understanding Dynamic Tire Alignment: What You See in the Shop is a Small Snapshot

One of the most difficult concepts for any technician is how alignment angles change when a vehicle is accelerating, braking and cornering. And what you see in the alignment bay is just a small snapshot.

dynamic alignment angles
Rotary Lift Offers Tips for Replacing Wheel Equipment

When should you change out your tire changer? Your wheel balancer? Rotary Lift gives you some indicators for when you need to trash old equipment.

Rotary Lift
Hunter Engineering Introduces Lift Rack Integrated with Alignment Capabilities

Hunter Engineering has released its new RX14 Scissor Lift, which the company says provides massive capacity with a small footprint.

Hunter Engineering Alignment Lift Rack
New Alignment System from Hofmann

Hofmann has released the new Hofmann geoliner 680 XD Imaging Wheel Alignment System. The alignment system features quick alignment check for immediate alignment information, advanced measurements for suspension troubleshooting features, and high resolution imaging technology to deliver fast and precise readings and, Hofmann said. A one-page printout from the quick alignment check also shows dimensions,