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Cabin Air Filters Prevent Mold, Spores, Pollen & Viruses

A micron is a term used a lot when talking about filters, but many might not know what it measures. A single micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter or 125,000th of an inch. A human hair is on average 70 microns in diameter. A cabin air filter is designed to filter out particles that are

How To Increase Brand Awareness For Your Cabin Air Filters

According to marketing surveys, it takes five to seven impressions to build brand awareness with consumers. Of those consumers, 59% said they prefer to buy from brands they trust.  To leverage this while selling cabin air filters one must partner with brands your customers recognize. When you are presenting the customer with the estimate for

Wix Filters Introduced 286 New Parts in 2021

Wix Filters introduced 286 new parts in 2021, the company said. Wix said these parts include 24 passenger car, 16 heavy-duty/off-road and 235 industrial additions to the current portfolio of products. This also includes several additions to the ProTec line of filters. Donald Chilton, director of product management for Wix Filters, added that Wix customers can expect new technologies and products to the ProTec line of

WIX Uses Pur-Air Technology to Filter Virus Aerosols

The Pur-Air technology used in the WIX XP cabin air filter mitigates viral aerosols passing through a vehicle’s ventilation system.

WIX Cabin Air Filter Pur-Air 1400
WIX Filters Introduces New XP Cabin Air Filter

WIX Filters has launched the WIX XP Cabin Air Filter, a newly-designed filter built with Pur-Air technology and multi-layer protection.

Not Sure if the Air Filter Needs to Be Changed? Check the Fuel Trim

One thing EFI can’t control is the amount of air that flows into the engine. That is predicated by the engine design, whether it is turbocharged or supercharged, and how well the air flows from outside the engine through the air filter and past the MAF sensor and into the combustion chamber.

Bosch Expands Braking and Filter Product Lines

In February, Bosch expands braking and filter product lines to cover more than 45 million vehicles.

Bosch Expands Product Coverage

Bosch has expanded its coverage across its line of product solutions including its rotating machines, oxygen sensors, braking and cabin air filter lines.