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BendPak Introduces American-Made Air Compressors

The company says the new Patriot Series offers efficient, industrial-strength air compressors for any shop or home garage.

Firestone Air Compressor Combines Lower Operating Temps, Quiet Operation

Firestone Industrial Products Co. has introduced a new air compressor—the heavy duty Air-Rite Air Compressor. According to the company, the compressor offers lower operating temperatures and a longer life. Additionally, the compressor is quiet and has minimal vibration for the user, the company said. The new Air-Rite Air Compressor is mounted directly on the vehicle

Apache A5 Air Compressor Delivers Quiet Service

DV Systems Inc. has released the 5 hp Apache A5 rotary screw air compressor for noise-sensitive applications. The air compressor features fixed-speed, belt-drive technology with automatic belt-tensioning that performs quietly and delivers 16 SCFM of compressed air at 145 psi, the company said.