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Firestone Ag Announces Price Increase in U.S., Canada

Firestone Agriculture says it will increase prices up to 10% on select products within its Firestone Ag Tire, Track, and Bladder portfolios in both the U.S. and Canada, effective Sept. 1, in response to market dynamics and conditions, including increasing costs of raw materials and logistics. Price adjustments will be implemented at the specific pattern

Price Increase
CMA Adds ÖZKA-Brand AG, OTR Line to Portfolio

CMA has announced the addition of ÖZKA brand agricultural and off-the-road tires to the portfolio of tires it distributes in the US and Canada. According to CMA, ÖZKA Tire, established in Kocaeli, Turkey in 1991, has a range of products comprising radial and bias tractor tires, irrigation tires, radial and bias flotation tires, implement tires,

How Tire Dealers Can Help Reduce Unnecessary Ag Tire Wear

Tires are one of the hardest working components on farm equipment, but they can be often overlooked when it comes to tread maintenance. Tire dealers — particularly the service department and sales reps — can help reduce unnecessary wear. By choosing the right tire for the job, ensuring proper inflation and performing regular maintenance, your

Yokohama Introduces New Triple-Steel-Belted Alliance 590 Flotation Tire

The new Alliance 590 flotation radial from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires features three layers of steel belts under a cut-resistant tread compound. The company says this is a puncture-resistant combination for the heavy tankers, wagons and pull-behind sprayers used on farms and construction sites. In addition to providing extra durability, the layered steel belts enable the

BKT Launches New Tire FL 695

BKT has launched its new FL 695 tire, an agro-industrial product specifically designed for trailers in construction and farming transport applications. This radial tire is resistant and durable thanks to a strong casing with multi-ply steel layers providing protection against punctures, the company says. In addition, BKT says the tire is made of a compound

Tips for Choosing the Right Sprayer Tire

Correct sprayer use depends on numerous factors. This piece of equipment has a much higher center of gravity than other agricultural equipment and in addition to working in the field, sprayers must also travel on road with very high loads. Often, these machines pass through narrow rows of vines, orchards, olive groves and fields with

BKT sprayer tires
The Ins and Outs of Ag Tire Maintenance

There’s no doubt that farmers work long hours and place heavy demands on their equipment. This is why, when it comes to keeping ag tire customers up and running, tire dealers must stand at the ready, armed with knowledge, fast service and the right inventory. Successful farm tire dealers and their staff are knowledgeable about

Nokian Tyres Ground King Tire Wins 2022 Fennia Prize

Nokian Tyres earned a Fennia Prize for its Nokian Ground King Inuitu smart tractor tires. The tires feature Hybrilug tread pattern technology, a new versatile traction pattern, combined with wireless connectivity. Bridging the gap between a lug and block pattern tire, Nokian Tyres says the Ground King is a new pattern design. Combined with Nokian Tyres Intuitu smart

BKT Tires Built for Stubble Damage Resistance

A tire can suffer punctures and tears in traversing a field after harvest where the toughest stalks – or stubble – can represent a real problem. For this, there is one solution: use compounds and structural solutions to make the tire more resistant. Immediately after the harvest and during dry-plowing are the conditions with the

BKT Agrimax Teris
Implement Tires Get Boost from Sophisticated Technologies

With spring planting season just around the corner and already here in some parts of the country, your farmer customers will be getting their various implements ready for action. You can be a valuable resource by knowing the latest in implement tires. Overall, implement tires by necessity have grown larger in diameter as well as

‘Quality Service After the Sale’ Sets Janesville Tire Apart

The sun peeked through the clouds on a breezy September morning in Clarion, Iowa as Paul Beckstrand jumped out of his pickup truck, gas station coffee in hand, to greet Big Bud 747. The tall white tractor, weighing in at 95,000 pounds, is billed as the world’s largest farm tractor, and on that summer day

Titan Expands AgraEDGE Tire Line

Titan announced it is expanding its Titan AgraEDGE tire line — which was launched just last year — with four new flotation sizes of the cutting-edge, cost-competitive tires. Titan says the expansion gives the AgraEDGE line 18 total sizes (21 tire options), ranging from 380/80R38 up to 800/70R38. Titan plans to continue to expand the