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Sweet Onions Make for a Sweet Deal


Never has a movie tie-in tasted so sweet.

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No, I’m not talking about McDonalds cadmium-laced collectible Shrek drinking glasses that had to be recalled earlier this month. Same movie, different ingredient.

Like all blockbuster kids movies, Shrek Forever After has its fair share of tie-in sponsors, but one that has seen a massive lift from the sponsorship was the Vidalia Onion Committee, a group of about 100 growers of the sweet Georgia onion.

A Wall Street Journal feature on the deal illustrated just how powerful the “Shrek Forever After, Vidalias Forever Sweet” tie-in campaign has been. Launched with the film’s release in the spring, the campaign has seen Vidalia farmers ship eight million more pounds of the onion year-to-date than in 2009. And the season extends to September.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt being attached to one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

One mother quoted in the story recounted when her three-year-old demanded she buy a bag of the onions and make them for him – all because the bag had a picture of the Shrek character on it. She cooked some vidalias into a casserole that evening, and the child ate every piece.


Everywhere the elaborate vidalia displays with the Shrek character eat up floor space, hundreds of bags of onions fly off the shelves.

Makes you kind of wonder what would happen if the tire industry pulled together for such a deal?

So, dear readers, tell us what film franchises or movie ideas you think would be a good – and successful – fit for tires. Offer your thoughts below in the Comments section!

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