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Success at Monte Carlo for Vredestein UK Employee

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) This year's Monte Carlo Rally was certainly an occasion to remember for Pippa Inglis, who works for Vredestein UK.

A keen rallying fan, Pippa and Belgian driver Pat Lambert took part in the event, driving a Porsche 356 SC, shod with Vredestein tyres, naturally.

Not only did the duo complete the event, but they finished in an impressive 23rd place and, as the highest-placed female team, were awarded the Coupe des Dames (Ladies’ Cup).

Even more impressive was the fact that Pippa was the highest-finishing British crew member – male or female – which was a magnificent achievement.

The gruelling event took place over five days and involved driving 2,100 kilometres in temperatures that sometimes fell below -10ºC.

How did the tyres cope? Not surprisingly, Pippa was full of praise for the Vredestein Snow + tyres, pointing out that she and Pat kept their vehicle on the road throughout the event, while more than 80 other vehicles left the road at some stage during the rally.

The last stage was a testing, night section over the Col de Turnin and it was here that Pippa believes that the tyres came into their own. “If we hadn’t had the studded tyres, then we would most likely have ended up off the road.”

The wheel changes were carried out by the service crew and Pippa acknowledged the part that they played in the girls’ success, describing their performance throughout the event as “brilliant.”
The rally, says Pippa, was definitely hard work, but she and Pat were delighted by their final standing.

Just taking part in such an historic event was a thrill in itself but, as Pippa says: “The prestige of merely finishing the Monte Carlo Rally is great, but winning the Coupe des Dames on top was a terrific bonus.”

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