Ironhead – A key brand in the growth of FCSS (First Choice Sourcing Solutions)

Ironhead – A key brand in the growth of FCSS (First Choice Sourcing Solutions)

The FCSS and Ironhead partnership is based on reliability and excellence in the tire industry.

Sponsored by Ironhead

In a complex industry underscored by fluctuating markets and fierce competition, having a reliable partner can make all the difference when it comes to forming a foundation of trust with consumers. As the exclusive U.S. distributor of STA’s Ironhead Tire brand, First Choice Sourcing Solutions (FCSS) has founded an incredible success story thanks to a reliable partnership that has made the distributor a “first choice” with its dealer customers.

As an executive with experience working for various tire manufacturers throughout his career, Josh Benson, FCSS’s Vice President of Sales, has a deep understanding of what makes for a smooth end-to-end supply chain experience. Benson, along with FCSS President Lou Fontana and Mark Hadley, FCSS Vice President of Operations, knows that a huge part of that means working with brands that the distributor can depend on.

“Working with STA and their Ironhead brand has been a remarkable journey. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every tire they produce, which aligns perfectly with our mission at FCSS,” he says. “Our relationship with STA has grown over the years based on mutual respect and a shared vision for quality. They are not just our suppliers; they are our strategic partners, helping us navigate market challenges and meet customer demands effectively.”

FCSS has been working as a distributor for the Ironhead brand for the past seven years, beginning with Ironhead TBR tires and eventually distributing the brand’s PLT tires. As a distributor, Benson says one of the key strengths of Ironhead Tires lies in the brand’s reliability and performance – both on the road and the supply side.

“Our partnership thrived on the mutual trust and disciplined approach from STA. They’ve given us the autonomy to distribute their products across all states,” Benson says.

He adds this approach has enabled FCSS to maintain steady growth throughout its partnership with STA, even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the tire manufacturer managed to ensure a consistent supply of tires despite global disruptions.

Benson also highlighted the popularity of Ironhead tires in the Midwest, where major tire groups like the Best One Tire Group strongly support the brand.

“These groups appreciate the dependability of the product, knowing they can order and receive tires within a consistent timeframe, which is crucial for planning and inventory management,” Benson says.

Ironhead tires are exclusively available at FCSS and boast a comprehensive lineup tailored to meet diverse needs. From passenger tires spanning Broadline, AT, HT, RT, SUV/CUV, to Last Mile Delivery (LMD), Ironhead covers every aspect of passenger vehicle requirements. Moreover, Ironhead’s commercial truck tire range comprises 46 SKUs catering to regional, mixed service, long haul, pick-up & delivery, and on/off-road applications, ensuring unmatched versatility. What sets Ironhead apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, reinforced by industry-leading warranties. Passenger tires come with Limited Tread Life Protection, while commercial tires offer casing allowances, affirming Ironhead’s dedication to customer satisfaction. With Ironhead, consumers can trust in tires that rival those produced by the industry’s largest manufacturers.

The Ironhead tire PLT lineup includes the Reflex AS IH01, an all-season touring tire featuring a wide tread pattern with circumferential grooves to efficiently manage water and maintain traction, making it an ideal choice for everyday driving​. The Reflex SUV UVD01 caters to the unique demands of SUVs and CUVs and is engineered to handle heavier loads. The Reflex SUV UVD01 also provides stellar performance and traction paired with modern aesthetics​.

For light-duty trucks, Ironhead offers three Thrasher lines: The Thrasher HTD01 highway-terrain tire, the Thrasher RTD01 rugged-terrain tire, and the Thrasher A/T IH03 all-terrain tire.

The Thrasher HTD01 is built for those who need a tire that can handle the rigors of daily commutes as well as heavier loads during the workday. The tire features large tread blocks for enhanced traction and a staggered tread pattern that reduces road noise​​. The Thrasher RTD01 is designed to offer a balance between off-road durability and on-road performance. This makes the RTD01 a versatile choice for drivers who regularly encounter a mix of terrains. Additionally, the Thrasher A/T IH03 is capable of handling all terrain conditions and is suitable for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. This tire is built to last while also designed with comfort in mind, making it perfect for both daily commutes and off-road adventures.

Ironhead also makes the Trasher LMD tire designed for last-mile delivery vehicles, which features reinforced 10-ply construction to increase carrying capacity over comparable L/T sizes.

The Ironhead brand will soon also introduce new models in new categories, including a UHP tire and a mud-terrain tire.

Each of these tires features STA’s signature proprietary liquid phase mixing process, ensuring that Ironhead tires meet or exceed expectations in terms of rolling resistance, wear resistance and wet grip performance.

FCSS’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes its strategic partnership with STA and the Ironhead brand a perfect match.

“Our success is intertwined with that of our partners. It drives us to excel and expand, allowing both FCSS and Ironhead to continue to be names associated with reliability and excellence in the tire industry,” Benson says. “Our goal is to continue fulfilling the needs of independent tire dealers and consumers by providing high-quality, reliable products that stand the test of time and road conditions.”

Sponsored by Ironhead.

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