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Software Accounting Programs a Must


It is nearly impossible to remember a time when we did business without the advantage of computers and tire dealer accounting software. Those days are gone forever, with good riddance.

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Everyone in the field of business accounting software is making the task of operating your stores so much easier and far more precise. Instead of waiting for a compilation of hand entries or a weekly report from the accountant, dealers can get up-to-the-second reviews of their business’ financials.

Today most, if not all, such programs eliminate the need for an outside payroll system and feature such handy services as direct deposit options that practically eliminate costly fees.

Today’s POS software will allow you to know immediately what you have in stock, the price of the tire or part, the margin at which it should be sold and reordering capabilities. It will also allow you to plug in the customer’s name, send messages to their home when you have a special going and instantly tell you whether you’re making money or not.


With just a few clicks of the mouse you can change your margins up or down, stock the correct inventory for your market and encourage your front counter people to sell the tires you need to move right away. In this manner you will add profitability to your bottom line immediately.

One software system offers an electronic shop catalog that includes a comprehensive listing of parts, labor and service intervals. There are no holes to fall into by missing a business opportunity when it’s on the screen in front of you.

And tying together the front counter, service bays and back office has never been easier. Instead of three separate systems – not including supplier software or Web ordering systems or any outside bookkeeper or accountant – today’s tire dealer can enjoy one fully integrated system.


Other software systems permit you to use a hand-held scanner to count inventory on the sales floor and the warehouse. Then, simply plug the scanner into your computer, transfer the updated counts in the software and adjust your inventory quantities automatically.

Plus, your counter staff can process credit and debit cards quickly and easily and deposit the funds directly into your bank account. You will no longer need to purchase and maintain credit card terminals and printers, plus you’ll speed up transactions at the counter.

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