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Size Matters


SizeMatters_BusinesToolboxBeing a small tire dealership can provide your shop a competitive advantage over big box and large retail stores. The secret for an independent tire dealer to capitalize on this advantage is to celebrate your size, not hide it.

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Corporate giants just can’t achieve the level of personal relationships that small businesses can, and it’s easier for small dealers to gain trust than a large chain.

Here are a few tips for independent tire dealers competing in a market crowded with big retailers:

• Keep a positive attitude toward making changes in business.

• Adjust your business to what the customer wants.

• Do what the big guys can’t do by focusing on niche markets.

• Start with a quality product, then gain area residents’ support and trust through community service.

• Think cooperation. Partner with other non- competing local businesses to exchange referrals or advertising materials.

Use your expertise. Give free talks to customer groups on tire safety or maintenance.

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Business Operations

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