Common Services Dealers Include in a Tire Sale

Common Services Dealers Include in a Tire Sale

Tire dealers can bundle services with tire purchases to boost profit and customer trust.

The Tire Review team visited the Dominican Republic for Continental Tire’s Gold Dealer Meeting last year, and while we were there, it was our goal to get a pulse on the industry by tracking down tire dealers and asking them our most burning questions.

This week, that question is: What services are included in a tire sale?

Including more services as a bundle with a tire purchase could lead to more profit for your tire business. In this episode of “What’s the Deal?” Continental Tire Gold dealers tell us what services they include in a tire sale.

Full transcript of the episode below:

Maddie Winer, Editor, Tire Review:
Hi, I’m Maddie Winer and I recently went to Continental Tires Gold Dealer meeting in the Dominican Republic. While there, I asked dealers what services are included in a tire sale. From free lifetime repairs to TPMS service, here’s what they had to say.

Cory Brown – Cory’s Point S Tire & Auto Service:
At our stores, when you purchase a tire we’re going ‘all in’, which means we include mounting, balancing, valve stems when applicable or TPMS rebuild kit at POS. The potential add-ons are the disposal of the old tires, which we do charge for. Then if you want to buy a road hazard warranty, with a brand like Continental for example, you are getting a first-year road hazard warranty essentially for free with the purchase of the tire as the consumer. With our in-house that’s on top of the price of the tire, everything else is loaded in.

Maddie Winer:
Even repairs?

Cory Brown:
Yeah. Your maintenance like free rotations and free flat repairs are built into that tire price.

Zack McMurray – Van’s Tire Pros:
The customers will see that each part is kind of itemized on the ticket itself, the cost of the tire, versus the installation, versus the road hazard warranty. More often than not, when we quote those tires, we like to include all of that. If we get from the customer that it is a price concern or something to that effect, then we may leave the road hazard off just to give them the best bottom-line price. More often than not, we’re always going to include the installation, road hazard warranty, and we always double-check the alignment at no charge.

Kerry Gross – Gross Tire Center Inc.:
When we price out tires at the counter, we do all-inclusive out-the-door pricing. The price includes the mounting, balancing, disposal, and lifetime rotation of tires. The only add-ons there would be above and beyond that would be road hazard protection, as I mentioned. Or if someone wants to replace their specialty stem for their tire pressure sensor.

Ben Leipold – Leipold Tire:
The mount, the balance, used to be valve stems, but now TMPS, you don’t do anything with those. We rotate them free for life and we balance them free for life. We include the tax, and the road hazards optional with it. If the TPMS needs servicing or reprogramming for the vehicle positions or whatnot, that’s included. There’s no extra charge for all that.

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