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#SEMA/GTE: Hankook Launches All-New Tire Brand Laufenn


*laufenn launchHankook Tire held an official launch event for its new global tire brand – Laufenn, which targets consumers seeking value, quality and style – at this week’s SEMA Show/Global Tire Expo.

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The Laufenn brand offers consumers a wide range of quality products to meet a variety of driving conditions and represents “both a symbolic and tangible proof point for Hankook Tire’s vision to growth in the global automotive market,” the according to the tiremaker.

The German word “laufenn” means “run,” while the brand’s slogan – “Journey in Style,” denotes what it seeks to offer for drivers worldwide: confident in performance, simple in style, open-minded in life and sensible in taste, according to Hankook.

“From our deep-rooted commitment to deliver advances in driving for our customers worldwide, we specifically developed the Laufenn product line to combine value with solid fundamentals, stable performance and style,” Mr. Hyun Bum Cho, chief marketing officerand chief corporate management officer of Hankook Tire. “We are committed to growing the Laufenn brand, first in the U.S. and then globally.”

Laufenn will initially offer five tire models to meet a variety of consumer needs:
Laufenn Logo
The S FIT AS, an ultra-high-performance, all-season tire, features an asymmetric tread design, long mileage tread and offers drivers optimized wet and dry performance, highly efficient drainage, increased grip, and enhanced stability and handling performance, Hankook said.

The G FIT AS all-season touring tire features a wide straight groove, wide tread profile , long mileage tread compound and low noise pattern design. The tiremaker said it offers drivers highly efficient drainage, greater stability and handling performance, longer tread life and a quiet driving experience.

The X FIT HT, a highway-terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks, features a 2-in-1 block shoulder design, long mileage tread compound, snow kerf and stone ejectors, Hankook said, adding the tire offers drivers secure stability during cornering, long tread life, and optimal performance in all weather conditions.1. Laufenn_S FIT AS

The all-terrain, all-season X FIT AT for SUVs and light trucks features an asymmetric tread design, long mileage tread compound and rim protector. The tire gives drivers resistance from external damage while improving traction and braking performance, according to Hankook.


The I FIT Ice – a studdable winter tire – features an advanced stud technology design, snow slit design, 3D kerf design and a claw edge, Hankook said, adding the tire offers enhanced braking, traction and handling in snow and ice conditions.

“Laufenn is designed to meet the diverse needs of U.S. drivers, and we are proud to offer this new brand first in the U.S. market,” said Byeong Jin Lee, president of Hankook Tire America Corp. “Laufenn represents the smart choice from a trusted tire company, with quality, value and style to satisfy consumers.”

Following the U.S. launch, Laufenn will subsequently be launched in 10 markets across North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. The brand also will expand to Europe and other regions in the coming years.