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Hankook Announces Commercial Tire Price Increase

This increase is based on changing market conditions related to production and shipping costs and will vary based on SKU, Hankook says.

Hankook Tire: Americans to Drive More During the Holidays

Seventy-four percent of Americans plan to travel for the holidays, while, at the same time, apprehension about planning travel far in advance is on the rise.

Hankook Launches App for Commercial Tire Dealers, Fleets

The app includes features such as a dealer locator and emergency roadside assistance service for Hankook’s National Accounts Program customers.

Hankook Tire Sponsors MLB Wild Card Series

All eight series are presented by Hankook and will be televised exclusively in the U.S. by ESPN and TBS.

Hankook Launches Fall Classic Tire Rebate

The Fall Classic Rebate will offer consumers savings of up to $80 via a prepaid Mastercard with the purchase of four tires from select lines.

Listen: Hankook’s New All-Weather Tire & COVID-19 Effects [Audio]

As the fall and winter seasons approach, your customers will be coming into your shop to gear up for the weather ahead – and some may need new tires. Luckily, you have options. Maybe you fit them with an all-season depending on where you live, or perhaps their best bet is a designated winter tire.

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Listen: Hankook’s New All-Weather Tire & COVID-19 Effects

In this episode, we delve into why Hankook is investing in the all-weather segment, how it’s been handling supply and demand challenges during the pandemic and how the company is preparing for potential trade and tariff situations in the future.

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Hankook Debuts All-Weather Tire for U.S. Market

Hankook launched its debut tire in the U.S. all-weather segment, the Kinergy 4S2, in an event Sept. 1

Hankook Tire Presents MLB Marketing Campaign

Two ads, “Long Catch” and “Perfect Pitch,” hit U.S. airwaves in July to promote Hankook’s partnership with MLB.

Hankook Tire Data Finds Car Maintenance Being Neglected

Nearly half of Americans have delayed or canceled a maintenance appointment, according to the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index.