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Safe Lifting With Michelin Jacks

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Motorists who work on their own vehicles at home often want to lift the car to remove a wheel or even carry out an underbody examination, perhaps of the exhaust system.


The emergency jack provided with the car is designed specifically just to enable a wheel change, lifting the vehicle at the correct point by the minimum amount required only to change a flat tyre. So having a robust small trolley jack at home is a useful aid to safe lifting for more extensive work.

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Care should always be taken to make certain the car is standing on a hard, level surface, that the handbrake is on and chocks are placed against the wheels to remain on the ground and that underbody supports such as axle stands are immediately installed correctly before any further action is undertaken.

Michelin has added a new range of vehicle jacks to its line of motoring accessories, which is designed to make all elements of travel safer, more efficient and more enjoyable. The range includes foot pumps, electronic tyre inflators, pressure gauges, emergency breakdown kits, AC power converters and battery chargers.

The Michelin hydraulic trolley jack range starts with a two-tonne model suitable for most passenger cars. This lightweight (11 kilo) jack will lift up to 359mm, and the swivelling lifting saddle has a cushion rubber insert to protect the vehicle components. The lift operation is controlled by the long, rubber-gripped handle, which also actuates the lowering valve. A carry handle is positioned at the lift arm pivot point for easy, well-balanced carrying. The front rollers are fixed for maximum stability, whilst the rear castors provide maximum manoeuvrability for accurate positioning. The recommended retail price is £27.99.

The 2.5 tonne model will lift to 535mm and has a lever operated rapid lift system. All Michelin trolley jacks have a storage tray for small parts and an automatic overload safety valve, which prevents the jack operating if the load exceeds the tool’s limit. The three-tonne model is suitable for most cars, light vans and 4x4s and will lift to 500mm. It weighs 40kg and is just 740mm long. There is a foot-operated quick lift system that raises the saddle swiftly to make contact with the vehicle’s lifting point and then the strong two-piece handle is used.


The Michelin trolley jack range is completed by a 1.5-tonne aluminium racing trolley jack modelled on the lines of the American stock car racing jack beloved of the motorsport enthusiasts who have witnessed the frantic pitstops during the NASCAR races.

Two bottle jacks are included in the range and will prove popular also with caravanners and boating fans that want security to hand should they have trouble on the road with their mobile home or boat trailer. The 2-tonne model will lift up to 345mm, and the 3-tonne model up to 372mm. Both have a screw out saddle extension.

Safety is the prime criteria when using a jack and high quality, super-safe axle stands are an integral part of the lifting products range. Two and three tonne models are available (RRP £17.99 and £19.99) lifting to 428mm and 438mm, respectively. These all-steel stands are four leg designs for maximum stability, have ratchet action to raise the saddle bar and double security with an extra locking pin.

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