Richard Petty's Lessons on Business in the Automotive Industry

Richard Petty’s Lessons on Business in the Automotive Industry

Richard Petty might be known as the most winning racecar driver of all time, but his name is also synonymous with owning successful racing teams, including Petty Enterprises and Richard Petty Motorsports, which is now Petty GMS Motorsports. So, from the asphalt to the board room, what has Richard Petty learned along the way about running successful teams and businesses?

He shares his thoughts, including what he learned from his father, Lee Petty, in working with him at Petty Enterprises in this new installment of our Continental Tire Interview Series with Richard Petty.

This interview is part three of a four-part series with Richard Petty in which we discuss a variety of topics, including his racing career, time as a team owner, the evolution of tire and vehicle technology and his love of engines and performance vehicles.

To watch part 2 where Petty details the evolution of race tire technology and his time doing tire tests in the 70s, click here.

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