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Repair Shops & EVs: Solving Today’s Biggest EV Issue

As the number of EV’s on the road increases, this technology can help draw in new business for shops.

Bosch is no stranger to innovation: With 4,202 patent applications in 2019 alone, the company is one of the industry’s drivers of mobility innovation. And, Bosch Car Service, with more than 15,000 repair shops in 150 countries, is celebrating 100 years in the repair industry this year.

But a lot has changed in the past 100 years, especially when it comes to EVs. To discuss how parts and service have changed to suit the EV market, Jeff Hudnut, product manager of EV charging at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, recently sat down with The Buzz, Tire Review’s sister brand, to answer a few questions.

What is the biggest issue facing EVs today, and how, in your opinion, is the aftermarket poised to address this issue?

One major hurdle the industry has struggled with is educating the public around how simple it is to charge an EV. There’s a misconception among many drivers that the cost to install supporting technology—such as EV charging devices—is challenging and expensive, and each charging location may have unique challenges. The aftermarket can help address this issue by delivering quality, affordable charging devices and educating the public on how to make the most out of their investment in these devices.

What is the biggest difference in servicing more universal vehicle components – like tires, brakes, alignment, ADAS, etc. – on an electric vehicle? 

While there are many precautions and safety equipment needed to repair the high-voltage battery system, most other repair jobs are more similar than one might think. Where EVs differ from conventional vehicles in terms of service are their reduced need for battery and motor maintenance. EVs also contain fewer fluids, such as engine oil, which further decreases the need for regular maintenance.

What is the first step for a repair shop in determining if it should add EV-specific maintenance to its service offerings?

As the percentage of electric vehicles on the road increases compared to ICE vehicles, there will come a point that servicing the high voltage systems will become both appealing and marketable for shops. Preparing for this shift should include safety and service training for technicians, as well as an investment in the appropriate safety and service equipment to allow for the efficient servicing of EVs.

Read the full article on The Buzz here.

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