Even in the face of adversity, Randy John proves he will remain resilient

Even in the face of adversity, Randy John proves he will remain resilient

Randy leverages his expertise and customer relationships to strengthen Double Coin's brand presence.

In the tire industry, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more important than maintaining customer relationships. Randy John, regional sales manager at Double Coin, takes that concept to heart. Developing trust and open communication with customers is at the core of his over three-decade career in the tire industry, a career that has taken him from the Southwest to the Midwest.

He began his tire industry career in 1991 as a tire wholesale department representative at Redburn Tire, based in Phoenix, AZ, which was bought out by Southern Tire Mart in 2022. From there, the industry became Randy’s lifelong passion, and he has developed lasting connections since. This career led him to leadership roles at various manufacturers and, since 2013, Double Coin – a role he takes great pride in.

“I was able to bring all those customers I had with [other manufacturers] to buy Double Coin tires and just because they trusted that I was offering them a good product,” Randy says. “I was never worried about transitioning because I know they trusted me before, believed me and have always had a great relationship with them.”

Randy’s experience in the tire industry has not only expanded his product knowledge but also solidified his customer-centric approach. He’s always eager to develop relationships.

In his current role covering six states in the Midwest, Randy says he leverages his expertise and relationships to strengthen Double Coin’s brand presence. At his core, he understands the benefit of training and mentoring the next generation, including his son, Ryan, who also works in the industry as a commercial territory manager.

“I just try to give [young people] the confidence to not to get frustrated. The tire industry is a good business, and it’s all about the relationships,” Randy explains. “This business is no different than any other sales, I think. This generation is all into texting, so it’s up to them to hop on the phone and follow up, and make sure they are there for customers in person. I think that’s an important part because people tend to get lazy otherwise.”

Randy is nothing if not resilient. In 2021, he was diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. Twenty-eight treatments later, Randy says he took that time to realize the most important aspects of life he may not have noticed before the diagnosis. He decided to not let cancer treatment derail his dedication to his customers, career and family.

“It threw a loop into things when I found out, and I had to go two months not knowing how bad it was. So that was kind of rough,” Randy says. “I didn’t know whether it was stage one or stage four, and what it actually entails. I caught it early enough, thank God, but it changed my thoughts a little bit and got me thinking about what’s really important in life. I realized I still have to keep my work going.”

Now cancer-free, Randy says he looks forward to the next phase of his career, balancing his professional responsibilities with personal hobbies like golf and fishing, which he cherishes because of the opportunities they provide to build new relationships and practice patience – things he says have continued to serve him well throughout his time in the tire industry.

Randy’s resilience and dedication to customer relationships make him a great fit for this year’s Club 3633 class.

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