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Product Spotlight: Wiper Blades

Good wiper blades are essential for clear visibility when driving through wet weather conditions.


Good wiper blades are essential for clear visibility when driving through wet weather conditions. The latest wipers on the market can endure a mix of heat, rain and snow, as well as salt, oil, mud and other materials that can break down blades quickly. Advanced wiper technology also helps to maximize contact between the blade and the glass for excellent visibility in any driving condition.

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Premium Bosch Icon wiper blades are designed to handle all weather conditions from extreme heat to cold, sleet, snow, strong winds or heavy rain. A flexible dual rubber-wiping element resists heat and ozone deterioration to help maintain flexibility all year around, according to Bosch. Dual tension springs are housed in a flexible, asymmetrical aerodynamic spoiler that creates down force to keep the blade hugging the windshield even at highway speeds. With no external steel brackets, springs or partitioned plastic spoilers, Bosch Icon blades do not clog with ice and snow in winter, the maker added.

Anco said its Transform hybrid wiper blades integrate the aerodynamic features and all-weather efficiency of beam style blades with the precisely positioned pressure points of bridge blades for exceptional wiping performance. Transform wipers are equipped with an integral spoiler that helps maximize down force and a unique secondary linkage with bowed flexor for firm, consistent blade-to-glass contact for optimized wipe performance at high speeds, according to the manufacturer. They are available for a vast majority of North American passenger vehicles, with blade lengths ranging from 16 to 28 inches. For non direct-replacement applications, Transform wipers utilize Federal-Mogul’s fast, easy Anco KwikConnect installation system, the company added.

Valeo said it is now offering the Ultimate MasterConnect line of wiper blades, an optimized range that contains 15 sizes ranging from 15 to 28 inches, including four with reversed spoiler for butterfly systems. The unique connection adapter allows for one solution to three types of original beam blade arms, the company added. More than 120 vehicle makes are covered. The wipers’ convenient blister packaging is made of recycled and recyclable material.

Denso Products and Services Americas has launched a new marketing campaign to raise awareness that wiper blades should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure best performance when needed. The multi-faceted program includes print advertisements and consumer brochures, as well as various promotional and incentive elements, Denso said. The campaign is designed to communicate with various audiences, including retail customers, auto shop counterpersons, installers and warehouse distributors. Denso added that drivers need to be aware that virtually everything around them can affect the wear and performance of wiper blades – including sunlight, oil, car wax, sand, mud, dust, snow, acid rain and salt water. Depending on the area and climate, wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year, or as soon as the driver notices a change in visibility, the company added.

Trico Force is an all-new high-performance beam blade engineered with a powerful combination of advanced wiper technologies designed for maximizing safety in today’s extreme driving environment, the company said. Available now, Trico Force features the patented VorTec aerofoil that controls airflow and transfers wind force downward to provide maximum contact between the wiper blade and windshield, according to the manufacturer. With a robust superstructure for durable, all-weather performance, this swept-wing spoiler slices through turbulence to deliver a flawless wipe and excellent visibility in all driving situations.

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