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Product Spotlight: Vehicle Lifts


With many options to choose from – two-post, four-post, scissor, in-ground, above ground – selecting the right vehicle lift for your dealership can require a bit of research. Luckily, the features and benefits of lifts keep improving. Focus on features that will boost ease of use for technicians, saving time and boosting efficiency. bendpakWhen it comes time to buy a new lift, areas to keep in mind include: ample space around the wheel wells and sides of a vehicle; adequate surface contact area; easy-to-use lock releases; and arm restraints that engage when the vehicle is lifted. Also, find lifts with capacities that suit the individual needs of your shop – from cars, vans and trucks to light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles. 

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Included here are some of the latest vehicle lifts designed to improve your shop’s efficiency.

BendPak said its latest parking innovation comes in the form of the space-saving PLT-6S, a tilt-style parking lift specifically engineered to be quickly installed in areas with space restrictions, such as densely packed parking garages and smaller home garages. Thanks to its surface-mount design, the PLT-6S can be ari-hetrainstalled just about anywhere you would park a vehicle. The 100% hot-dipped galvanized tilt-style platform helps avoid most overhead obstructions without sacrificing vertical vehicle space beneath the lift. A deep wheel well keeps either front or rear wheels locked in place while in storage mode, so you can pull in any way you want, the maker added. Each PLT-6S parking lift also features dual hydraulic lifting cylinders and industrial-strength safety locks.

Ari-Hetra said its Flush Mount­ed Scissor Lifts make changing a clutch, inspecting shocks or other services easier and quicker. The lifts require very little floor modifications and are available in a variety of capacities in several models: HDXL-910, HDXL-911, HDXL-912, HDXL-913, HDXL-916, HDXL-917 and HDXL-918. Each features solid steel construction, structural ribs under platforms, sealed bronze and graphite pivot points, and recessed mounting. According to the company, the lifts’ platforms are wide enough for dual-wheeled vehicles; lifting and lowering of all four cylinders is regulated and synchronized by electronic servos; and automatic wheel rotary chocks fall into place when a vehicle is lifted.

Rotary Lift said it offers a retrofit performance package that enables current SmartLift in-ground lift owners to step up to the added productivity provided by the company’s new shockwave system. The shockwave performance package turns SmartLift into the world’s fastest lift, with rise and descent times that are twice as fast a standard lift’s – just 25 seconds up and 19 seconds down, according to the company. Productivity is further enhanced by the patent-pending spotline laser-spotting guide, which enables technicians to more quickly and accurately position a vehicle for service.

Hennessy Industries’ two-post Ammco C Series 2n1 lift is a 10,000-pound capacity lift for high volume shops. According to the maker, it features symmetric or asymmetric lifting capability and adjustable height and width options, as well as three-stage telescopic front arms, wide rubber door guards and a padded overhead shut-off bar. A single point safety lock release and two-hand lift lowering offer fast and safe operation, while available two- and three-foot extended columns enable technicians to work at an ergonomic height when servicing taller vehicles, Hennessy said.

Combining a space-saving, low-profile design with tremendous power and advanced features, Hunter said its RX16 provides the most wide-ranging and efficient level of service possible with one lift. The RX16 offers the ground-clearance advantages of a standard-capacity lift, plus adds the patented Power-Up feature to boost capacity up to 16,000 pounds, if needed. Surface-mount models rise to a 76-inch maximum height and lower to a drive-on height of only 9 inches, Hunter said, adding that in-ground, flush-mount installation also is available. Lift and lower times are up to 40% faster when servicing light vehicles, and the final descent is automatically slowed for a soft, safe landing.

According to the company, Branick Rolling Jacks fit the most popular four-post lifts, replacing original equipment jacks. Available in both 7,000- and 9,000-pound capacities, Branick’s heavy duty, air-hydraulic powered rolling branickjacks come with telescoping mounting brackets and the lift arms adjust from 33 to 50 inches. Branick said the narrow width allows easy access to the area of the vehicle being serviced, and the spring-loaded mounting bracket rollers allow the jack to be easily positioned, and then automatically locked into place when weight is applied. There’s also a mechanical three-position lock. Branick makes jack brackets for Rotary, JBC/FMC, Hunter, Acanus and Wheeltronics units.

Esco said its new line of professional floor jacks, the Com­pac series, ranges from 1.5- to 3-ton lifting capacities. Ac­cording to the company, these shop-style jacks are built from the highest quality steel available on the market. With a sleek, easy to maneuver design, the jacks are perfect for use in tight spaces. Esco said the jacks feature an innovative lift-and-turn design handle that allows for the operator to easily secure the jack, which will prevent any unintentional lowering. An additional foot pedal-pumping feature provides faster saddle raising to the load. The low profile design and high lifting – up to 31 inches – capability make them the most universal shop jacks for all lifting applications, according to the company.  ame international

AME International
AME International has released its Super Stacker Cribbing. The cribbing blocks are made from recycled plastic and when interlocked can support up to 150 tons, according to the maker. Super Stacker Cribbing can be used for numerous applications to support heavy loads. Each piece comes with a flat side to be interlocked at 90-degree angles, and a pyramid mating can be useful when 90-degree placement of cribbing blocks is not possible. Super stacker cribbing is available in numerous sizes.

Mohawk’s model LC-12, a 12,000-pound capacity two-post lift, offers low profile three-stage arms. With no protrusion coming out of the columns, the lift has the ability to fit in low ceiling garages where other lifts won’t fit, according to the company. Made in the U.S., the LC-12 lift features all-position mechanical safety locks, and a weight gauge to increase shop revenue and technician safety. Additionally, it comes with Mohawk’s 25-year structural warranty.

Peak LiftPeak Lift
Peak Lift introduced its new mid-rise scissors lift, model EM06, with dual mechanical locks that release automatically. According to the company, the EM06 is equipped with a safety stop device at 300 millimeters from the ground, two-button control and a tone alarm for safety. 

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