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Product Spotlight: Vehicle Lifts & Accessories

The newest lifts and lift accessories are strong and versatile, giving shops the most bang for their buck.


The newest lifts and lift accessories are strong and versatile, giving shops the most bang for their buck. Designed with safety and productivity in mind, the latest lift technology also is quick and easy to operate. Here are some of the newest offerings in this product category.

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Hennessy Industries
Hennessy Industries introduced a new line of automotive lifts under the Baseline by Coats brand. Designed specifically for shops that want quality lifts at affordable prices, Baseline by Coats offers a comprehensive selection of lift styles, including two-post, four-post, motorcycle/ATV, mid-rise and parking lifts. With a 11,000-pound capacity, the BL211CF is one of the most versatile lifts featured in the new line, according to the manufacturer. The two-post lift can accommodate cars, light- to medium-duty vans, and utility trucks – especially those with uneven load distribution or payload, the maker added.

Mohawk Lifts
Mohawk Lifts introduced the Backsaver for all Mohawk 10,000- to 18,000-pound two-post lifts. The Backsaver allows technicians to hang the tires from lift swing arms, saving them from bending down to lift heavy tires and preventing potential sick days from back pain, according to Mohawk. The Backsaver is easily installed in 10 minutes and with a 100-pound capacity, is capable of holding the heaviest passenger car and light truck tires. Heavy rubber coating on the Backsaver prevents damage to expensive wheels and rims, the manufacturer added.

Kiene Diesel
Kiene Diesel said its new Extender adapter for the K-1350 wheel grabber allows one technician to safely remove seized wheels without having to remove the vehicle from the lift. According to the maker, the wheel grabber is a well-established tool for removing seized wheels from heavy-duty tractors, trailers and buses, as well as Ford super-duty applications. It allows one technician to quickly and safely remove the most stubborn of seized wheels. In addition to the new extension, Kiene said it has developed another wheel grabber adapter to remove seized brake drums.

Hunter said its RX16 lift rack is now shipping with new generation 9,000-pound swing air jacks, which make vehicle service easier and safer with lower clearance height and a six-inch wider reach that allows for more pickup options. The jacks represent the first ground-up redesign of Hunter’s swing air jack that was designed by Lee Hunter himself more than 40 years ago, the company added. Hunter also released a new, easy-to-install LED light kit available for all lift models. The LED lights are located higher on the lift, providing more direct and superior illumination, Hunter said.

Esco provides the Compac line of high performance jacks featuring lifting capacities from 1.5 to 3 tons. According to the company, these quality jacks are applicable for lifting small, low profile automotive vehicles all the way up to larger cargo vans. Available models feature low profile lifting as low as 3.5 inches, and can lift as high as 31.5 inches. Compac jacks are built from the highest quality steel and are backed by a three-year warranty, the maker added.

BendPak said its new LR-5T is a 10,000-pound capacity low-rise lift that accommodates passenger cars and trucks thanks to a newly designed lift platform, specialty adapters, wider drive-over capability and increased lifting capacity. Convenient built-in storage trays mean lug nuts and other small parts are always within reach, while a small footprint, easy installation and adaptable 110V/220V power-unit make the LR-5T perfect for any shop, the company added.

Rotary Lift
Rotary Lift said its new MW-200 mobile wheel lift reduces the risk of employee injury and increases productivity. Back injuries account for one in five workplace injuries or illnesses, according to Rotary, which said that by providing technicians with a wheel lift, a shop owner may limit liability for worker’s compensations claims. The air-operated MW-200 provides 200 pounds of lifting capacity at 100 psi, enough to lift even the largest wheels and tires, the company added. It is easy to maneuver and has a rise time of just six seconds. The lift also includes an auxiliary air tool connection and features a single-lever control for quick operation.

Challenger Lifts
The DX77 double scissor lift by Challenger Lifts was engineered with efficiency and productivity in mind, according to the maker. It can easily lift all makes and models (within rated capacity) with its synchronized hydraulic system, the company said, adding that diamond plated flip-up and drive-through approach ramps provide added value with the option to extend the platform length to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles. The DX77 also offers versatility in installation; install the double scissor lift above ground with outriggers, or for a clean show room finish, flush mount it with the included flush mount frame, Challenger said.

Branick said its rolling jacks fit the most popular four-post lifts, replacing OE jacks. Available in both 7,000- and 9,000-pound capacities, the company’s heavy-duty, air-hydraulic powered rolling jacks come with telescoping mounting brackets and the lift arms adjust from 33 to 50 inches. Branick added the narrow width allows easy access to the area of the vehicle being serviced, and the spring-loaded mounting bracket rollers allow the jack to be easily positioned and then automatically locked into place when weight is applied. The jacks also offer a mechanical three-position lock. Extension adaptors are available for an additional 7.5 inches, the maker added. Branick makes jack brackets for Rotary, JBC/FMC, Hunter, Acanus and Wheeltronics.

Stertil-Koni recently introduced Freedom Lift, the company’s new two-post lift series. Featuring lifting capacities ranging from 16,000 to 30,000 pounds, Freedom Lift combines peak performance and safety through a symmetrical, open floor design, wheels-free access, telescopic assembly with swing arms, and a footprint that requires no mechanical structure overhead, according to the maker. The result is a state-of-the-art two-post lift that optimizes workspace in the shop and is engineered to lift a broad range of light- to medium-duty vehicles, Stertil-Koni said.

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