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Product Spotlight: TPMS Tools

The latest reset tools and kits for tire pressure monitoring systems are easy to use and offer variety so technicians can troubleshoot sensors as quickly as possible. Even the most difficult relearns can be completed with ease thanks to wireless printing technology, better displays and simple sensor look-up options.

The latest reset tools and kits for tire pressure monitoring systems are easy to use and offer variety so technicians can troubleshoot sensors as quickly as possible. Even the most difficult relearns can be completed with ease thanks to wireless printing technology, better displays and simple sensor look-up options.


The Bartec Tech500 offers the very best in vehicle coverage and new features.  The Tech500 is a wireless TPMS Tool including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wireless inductive charging. The Tech500 offers market leading vehicle coverage and is one of the easiest and fastest tools to use, according to Bartec. In addition to vehicle coverage, the Tech500 programs popular aftermarket sensor options like 31 Inc.’s Smart Sensor, Alligator, ITM’s Uni-Sensor, Orange OPPS Sensors, and the Schrader EZ-sensor.


TPMS Manager provides tire shops with all of the information needed to profit and effectively service TPMS equipped vehicles right at the point of sale. TPMS Manager software is designed to help tire dealers get instant and accurate TPMS parts and service information for every TPMS-equipped vehicle in the market. Access all OEM TPMS information as well as all known aftermarket parts and service requirements, Tiremetrix said. The easy to use TPMS Manager program keeps the business in the shop and will increases confidence and competence in the complex world of TPMS parts and service.


Technicians looking for a multi-function TPMS tool that helps them balance the important aspects of their work will soon have a new option. Beginning in the spring of 2014, Ateq will launch the Ateq VT56 with an optional wireless printer and docking station. The Ateq VT56 is designed to continuously adapt to a technician’s needs, said the manufacturer, and features an ergonomic keypad and provides a modern and easy sensor triggering and programming experience. The VT56 also features a high-resolution 4.3-inch color display, and allows techs to get more out of their diagnostic tool with easy access to all the tools functions using an icon driven menu.


Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket will add a new sensor to its VDO Redi-Sensor multi-application TPMS sensor program. The new sensor, planned for release in the second quarter of 2014, will offer coverage for more than 4.6 million additional vehicles currently in operation. This coverage will include models from Audi, Mercedes-Benz, GM light truck, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo and late model Toyota and Nissan. The VDO Redi-Sensor program currently covers over 85% of all vehicles in North America. It installs right out of the box and is designed to follow OE vehicle relearn procedures, and it works with all major TPMS scan tools.  


Snap-on has paired the Solus ultra scan tool with the TPMS3 tire pressure monitoring tool for a special, limited-time offer that provides tire stores with the most comprehensive TPMS service available today. While the TPMS3 shows what the TPMS sensor “says,” the Solus Ultra shows what the ECM “hears.” The two systems work together, allowing technicians to activate the sensor, find the problem and access TPMS diagnostics, codes, data and tests to relearn and reprogram the sensors and complete the repair, according to Snap-on. Both tools provide access to TPMS systems on domestic, Asian and European makes.



Clamp-in style aluminum TPMS sensors are susceptible to corrosion and breakage. Until now, the only solution was to replace the broken sensor with a new one, a process that requires a lot of time, effort and expense.  Ken-Tool’s new patent-pending reCore TPMS sensor saver system repair kit #29980 provides an affordable way to repair broken sensors right on the vehicle without having to demount the tire. According to Ken-Tool, the complete job can be quickly and easily done in about 15 minutes, and there is no reprograming needed for the sensor.


For tire techs who want to save time when installing TPMS hex nuts, the Dill 5540 and 5565 torque tools are preset and successfully tested for thousands of cycles, according to the manufacturer. Instead of adjusting the torque wrench, or hoping it is in calibration, upgrade the TPMS tools to the 5540 and 5565 Dill torque wrenches. Tools can be purchased individually or packaged together in the case shown.

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