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Product Spotlight: Tire Dealer Software Technology

Whether it’s the click of a mouse or a finger swipe across a tablet or smartphone, technology is changing the way tire dealers run their businesses.


Whether it’s the click of a mouse or a finger swipe across a tablet or smartphone, technology is changing the way tire dealers run their businesses. Dealers need to access their shop information seamlessly, from anywhere and from any device – and many of the latest software developments provide just that, and more. Cloud storage service, mobile applications and easy online shopping tools are some of the latest features in dealer software technology.

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Tire Company Solutions
As a premier technology provider in the industry, TCS said it understands what tire dealers and automotive centers need to run a business effectively and efficiently. Among many new features, Tire Power software provides single click access to tire and part data, labor lookup, vehicle and TPMS info and parts ordering. Additionally, the latest software includes distributor integrated tire lookup and direct ordering, as well as customer information enhancements, including vehicle data lookup and marketing efficiencies.

TireShop is the latest tire store management software from Freedomsoft. It is designed for speed, efficiency and exceptional ease of use, according to the company. TireShop is a full-featured program for full service shops. It is tire store software, auto repair software, and quick lube software all in one.


Net Driven
The Net Driven Service Center represents a significant upgrade, the company said, and features thousands of new automotive illustrations, hundreds of new service descriptions, online customer quoting and enhanced service scheduling, specials/coupon integration, search engine optimized content and is GPS-enabled. The Net Driven Service Center represents “our continued commitment to delivering the most cutting-edge effective Internet marketing solutions to the automotive industry,” the company noted.

Aftersoft provides point-of-sale, retread and e-commerce software to retail, wholesale and commercial tire dealers and retreaders. VAST Enterprise point-of-sale is used by some of the largest and most successful tire dealers in North America, according to Aftersoft. VAST ItemBroker allows dealers to shop online for parts, showing multiple vendor costs and availability from one screen. Also new is the Warehouse Management Software module, which provides comprehensive functionality from product receiving and put-away to picking and shipment. VAST is used by over 1,900 customer locations across North America.

Andreoli & Associates
The Bay Management module of the cloud-based HITS BPOS point-of-sale software enables rapid identification of open bay times and quick creation of repair orders that are automatically populated with date, time and bay from a calendar-bay grid, according to Andreoli & Associates. Bay Management within HITS BPOS is designed to enhance efficiency and workflow by allowing shop associates to work off the same calendar-bay grid. At any time, everyone in the shop knows what work is going on, in which bays, when, and for how long.

Madden Co.
MaddenCo has unveiled the company’s new mobile suite, including MciFleet, which allows salesmen and/or customers to review fleet status, retreads, orders and other customer account information. Additionally, MciDelivery captures signatures on a smartphone at the time of delivery to the customer while text messaging allows salesmen to text customers from the point-of-sale counter. The mobile suites are available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

Autoware Technologies
AutoWare Technologies has launched the recently updated NextWheels online e-commerce program at Customers can now buy custom wheels and tires directly through the NextWheels online program, after they have visually previewed exactly how the wheels and tires will look on their vehicle. With a simple click of the “check price and availability” button, the program will guide users through the selection of the wheel and tires, according to the manufacturer. The wheels and tires are then added directly to the existing shopping cart.

ASA Automotive Systems
The TireMaster family of software products has introduced the next generation of innovation from ASA Automotive Systems, including web-based applications running in the cloud for all mobile devices, including tablets, PCs, laptops and smartphones. Tiremaster software is comprised of a series of interfaced modules that can be tailored to meet the point-of-sale, inventory management, order processing, accounting, marketing and e-commerce needs of any size retail, wholesale or commercial tire dealer or auto repair shop.

E-Solution Professionals
E-Solution Professionals has launched the latest release of its popular Ezytire product – Ezytire mobile. Ezytire’s mobile website is enabled free of charge on all Ezytire websites and allows consumers to view inventory, pricing, place orders and contact the store directly from their mobile devices. E-Solution Professionals develops e-commerce applications for the tire industry including Tireweb, Tirelibrary, Ezytire and Wheelweb.

WECnology offers a full array of reputation marketing products including mobile marketing with MobiText to create a VIP loyalty club to keep customers coming back. MobiText creates mobile coupons, text messages nad full landing pages with graphics, as well as conducting polls, questionnaires, and text-2-win contests. In addition, the tire dealer software tracks mobile loyalty user programs.



E-Solutions Professionals
E-Solutions Professionals (ESP) provides e-commerce software for retail, wholesale and sub-wholesale tire dealers. The company said it has one of the most comprehensive tire features and benefits libraries in the country with about 100,000 unique items. It also offers the ability to pull inventory not only from one distributor, but several distributors to show inventory from multiple sources. ESP addes it has a separate division that provides full custom websites and SEO management to complete the process.

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