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Product Spotlight: Tire Changers


A tire changer is a costly purchase, so when shop owners are in the market for a new machine, they want a lasting piece of equipment that can handle the volume and variety of work that comes through their bay doors. The latest tire changers are capable of servicing a range of tire sizes, from lawn and garden tires to low profile and luxury models. Additionally, the leverless demounting and powered wheel lifts make it easier for technicians to safely handle the busiest days with ease.  

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The R980NXT NextGen tire changer from Ranger Products is designed to take the all-day abuses of high-volume tire shops. Designed to service low-profile tires and large luxury wheels alike, the R980NXT also offers advanced power assist capabilities such as a quick-change lower disc roller and centering cone to aid in clamping, lubricating, demounting, mounting and inflation for stubborn tire and wheel combinations, the company added.  

Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment
Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment has launched the Pro 920 Plus TC tire changer. Features include bead breakers manufactured with steel and polished cylinders resistant to water and moisture. Additionally, the cylinder pistons are equipped with multiple seals, which allow for a powerful force during bead breakdown. The Pro 920 Plus TC tire changer electric motors are copper wound and are capable of handling larger wheels, the maker added. Transmissions are built with heat-treated steel and aluminum cases. Worm gear, main gear and shaft are made of the highest quality materials in order to transfer ample power to the turntable.


The Coseng C933 tire changer features a unique, user-friendly and leverless tilt-back system that enables the user to mount and demount any type of tire, including low profile, reverse-mount wheels and run-flats, without additional tools. Coseng said the fast center post clamping system and automatic leverless mounting head system prevent the aid of a bead removing lever or extra physical effort. The leverless tilt back system side and mounted pneumatic wheel lift is designed to greatly reduce the operator’s effort, to maximize capability and efficiency, and to save time and money at the shop, the maker added.

The Coats 70X Leverless model tire changer features a unique leverless mount/demount head that eliminates the use of manual tire tools and delivers increased productivity, and an exclusive swing arm locking mechanism that greatly reduces the operator effort required to change even the most challenging applications, the company said. It includes all the value-added features of the X-Series line, including advanced clamp positioning and Coats’ exclusive oil injection system.

Greg Smith Equipment

Greg Smith Equipment introduced the Atlas TTC-306 automatic truck tire changer. Toggles on the console operate the bead breaker disc and mount/demount head assembly automatically from a remote position, according to the manufacturer. The Atlas TTC-306 truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle wheel sizes from 14 to 56 inches, tire diameters in excess of 97 inches, and tire/wheel combinations weighing up to 3,950 pounds. The unit is priced under $12,000, including aluminum wheel adapters; an optional wireless remote is available.  

Hofmann’s Monty 3550em with patented EasyMont pneumatic bead assist is equipped to handle wheel diameters up to 30 inches. The Monty 3550 series is specifically designed to change low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, maximizing a shop’s versatility, according to the maker. The pneumatically controlled mount/demount head eases operator effort while still allowing for manual guidance and movement. Additionally, the EasyMont Pro holds the bead into the drop center, making one-operator tire changes possible on low profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, Hofmann said.

Hunter said its Auto34 tire changer services the toughest wheel combinations with effortless operation. According to Hunter, features include automated functions and a powerful, high-torque motor that services rims up to 34 inches without the use of bead levers. Only three switches and one foot pedal control virtually all tire changing operations, ensuring the same simple operation on all wheels regardless of the size, design or fitment, the company added.



John Bean
The John Bean ATC 900 is a leverless high-productivity tire changer for passenger car, light truck and SUV tires. The dual-disc bead breaker, center clamp system and automatic demounting tool make the ATC 900 a productive solution, according to John Bean. Leverless demounting and powered wheel lift reduce technician fatigue and the opportunity for injury. Additionally, dual disc bead breakers are servo-positioned and electronically synchronized so the technician can efficiently maintain a safe and ergonomic bay position, the maker added.

Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. and Saf-tee Siping & Grooving said its CH-22 multi-tire changer, CH-23 stand with bead breaker and floor plate make the small tire changing job easy, fast and economical. From lawn and garden to ATV wheels, the CH-22 can accommodate a variety of makes and models, according to the manufacturer, making it a complete tire changing station for small tires and wheels. The bead breaker is completely adjustable to accommodate any small tire width. The Mongoose tire tool also is included to mount and demount any small tire.

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