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Product Spotlight: Tire and wheel balancers

Effortlessness, accuracy and speed are key features of the latest wheel balancers. In our busy, multitasking world, shop owners need equipment that is easy to use and easy to teach. Quick and accurate results are essential to getting customers back up and running in the timely fashion they demand. These latest systems promise a smarter, simpler way to balance. 

The Ranger Products DST-2420 wheel balancer features the company’s Direct-Axis drive system and multi-directional quartz piezoelectric load sensors to calculate the exact weight needed to achieve optimal balance within a hundredth of an ounce. According to the maker, a single digital rotation encoder measures both longitudinal, transversal and shear effects for multi-directional force unbalance detection. These sensors are extremely sensitive and offer superior long-term stability. LED rolling wheel indicators show weight positions as the wheel rolls to top-dead center, and the wheel graphic interface touch panel simplifies speed entry of wheel data while guiding technicians through balancing procedures.  

Bee Line 
The Bee Line Smart Balancer II wheel balancing system is designed to simplify the process of on-the-vehicle wheel balancing for light- and heavy-duty trucks. According to the company, the unit incorporates a sophisticated, yet simple to operate computerized measurement system to measure the amount of imbalance in a rotating tire/wheel and calculate the proper location and amount of weight to be applied to solve the problem. Balancing the entire wheel assembly provides a far more accurate balance, Bee Line added.

Hennessy Industries
Hennessy Industries has added the 6450-2D to its Coats line of Direct-Drive heavy-duty balancers. The 6450-2D offers proven durability, fast cycle times and high accuracy through a wide range of wheels, the company said. The machine features Dual Calibration Software, which enhances the auto and light-truck applications on the 6450 platform. The new balancer also includes: two-parameter auto data entry system for clip weight and three-parameter for Tape-A-Weight; two-inch (51mm) heavy-duty arbor on Coats’ Direct-Drive motor; up to 500-pound and 52-inch wheel capacity; and laser-guided direct Tape-A-Weight placement, according to Hennessy.

The Road Force Touch by Hunter produces exceptional balancing results and performs a road force test faster than a traditional wheel balancer performs a typical balance, the company said. The automated road force test finds hidden causes of vibration and pulls to enhance the quality of service and generate more profit opportunities without adding valuable service time. Also featured is a new touchscreen interface that simplifies operation and shortens the learning curve for new technicians, according to Hunter. Live 3D graphics and animations display real-time wheel conditions and illustrate easy-to-understand instructions to resolve vibration and pull problems.

Mechatronics Engineering 

Mechatronics Engineering LLC recently introduced its new, advanced balancing technology called SPBU (self-propelled balancing unit). The SPBU eliminates all external AC or DC motors, direct drive AC motors, gears, power management boards, pulleys, spindles, drive-belts, wheel brake systems (using resistors or other methods) and complex wiring systems, the maker said. The absence of these components eliminates all maintenance issues for owners and operators of wheel balancers equipped with SPBU, since it incorporates proprietary technologies that allow for extremely fast floor-to-floor times for any balance, the company added.

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