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Product Spotlight: Nitrogen Inflation


branick industriesNitrogen inflation offers advantages over filling tires with just compressed air. According to one industry source, nitrogen-inflated tires hold their pressure longer, offering customers better gas mileage, superior handling, increased handling and longer tire life, all while saving energy and benefiting the environment.


Nitrogen also eliminates the harmful effects of oxidation inside the tire and reduces the chance that any moisture can be introduced into the air chamber to cause problems with TPMS sensors. Nitrogen inflation also can be tied to customer retention programs that can benefit both the customer and the shop owner. Here are just a few of the products available.

Branick Industries
The Branick Model 485 nitrogen inflation system is completely mobile, enabling the operator to wheel the unit directly to any vehicle. Complete with a 30-gallon storage tank, the 485 offers fill times as low as four minutes for a passenger vehicle and 10 minutes for a pickup truck, purigen98according to the manufacturer. The system also features retractable hose reels, making clean-up quick and easy. This machine has an auto shutoff valve, nitrogen purity port, filter maintenance indicator, inflator bypass port, a tank purge valve, and an auxiliary nit­ro­gen outlet port, Branick added. The machine comes with five years of free filters, and the five-year membrane warranty has been extended to a seven-year membrane warranty.

Nitrogen generation and tire inflation technology provider PurigeN98 offers fully-automated generation and inflation systems to provide immediate nitrogen conversions. PurigeN98 said it offers a wide selection of generation and inflation solutions for every facility. The company added its proprietary “Tire Inflation pclMaintenance” customer retention programs dramatically increase customer traffic by combining nitrogen inflation with an extensive array of auto club and tire road hazard benefits, as well as state-of-the-art customer contact tools.

Tire inflation equipment from PCL is specifically designed for nitrogen tire filling applications, either from a bottle or generator source, offering complete nitrogen purge or top off, according to the company. The inflators are suitable for car, truck and bus use, inflating up to six tires at a time. As proof of their extreme accuracy, with testing standards to less than +/- 1psi, each inflator comes complete with its own individual testing calibration certificate. Also available is a Nitrogen Analyzer, a must-have tool for checking and displaying the nitrogen purity in tires, PCL added.
pcltireinflation.combesser industrial tools

Besser Industrial Tools
The Green Machine line of nitrogen generation and inflation equipment by Besser Industrial Tools is designed by tire service professionals for tire service professionals. The company said its rugged and affordable Green Machines are fully-automated systems that convert up to six tires to nitrogen simultaneously, ranging from 4-12 cfm output. Besser also has launched the Go Green Auto Club customer retention program to be sold in conjunction with nitrogen conversion services. Each membership includes tire repair and replacement and roadside assistance benefits for the consumer, as well as customer retention tools – such as automated text messaging and e-mail communications – for the shop owner. Details are at the website.

Champion/Gardner Denver
The Champion Nitrogen Advantage offers a 95%-99.9% Nitrogen Purity Guarantee. The portable NA6-3P model is designed for passenger and light truck facilities that require the nitrogen system to be brought to the vehicle. The unit comes complete with four 25-foot inflation hoses, six auxiliary ports, handheld nitrogen analyzer, pre-filters, 30-gallon vertical air receiver and industrial-type casters. The champion/gardner denvercontroller is located on the top of the unit for easy readability and includes an automatic purge system that allows the operator to purge and inflate four tires at once. The additional ports are for dual wheels and/or a spare tire.

Tire Service Equipment Mfg. Co.
Tire Service Equipment Mfg. Co. (TSI) provides four models of Nitrogen Inflation Systems, available in 5, 6, 12 or 18 cfm capacities. Each system can be programmed to purge and inflate up to four tires to a specific psi, cycling up to nine times while having an operating range from 0 to 145 psi. tire service equipment mfg. co.Having repetitive purge cycles enables a higher nitrogen rate in the tire once the process is complete, TSI said. Each unit is equipped with a convenient top-off feature, too. All units come standard with quicklock air chucks on each of four hoses and with a 60-gallon pressure tank. The NG-6, NG-12 and NG-18 models have an option for a 120-gallon pressure tank.

NitroFill said it provides nitrogen inflation solutions for every need, from the neighborhood bike shop or single bay garage to the largest fleet and industrial facilities. The company boasts that NitroFill was selected by the U.S. Air Force and remains the sole inflation system used to service the nation’s fleet of B-2 bombers. According to the company, its new NitroFill E-175 is the highest output (26 cfm) nitrogen conversion system in its class, and can nitrofillinflate a 12.00R22.5 truck tire from 0 to 120 psi in only 2.5 minutes. Every NitroFill inflation solution is capable of producing nitrogen purity in excess of 99.9% and is guaranteed to provide in-tire purity in excess of 95%, the minimum purity required to provide the benefits of nitrogen inflation. and nitrofillnow.comkaeser compressors

Kaeser Compressors
The UltraFill 99+ High-Purity Nitrogen Tire Inflation System supplies 99.5% purity nitrogen for improved safety, handling and gas mileage, according to its maker, Kaeser Compres­sors. With its “Dynamic Surge Capacity,” UltraFill eliminates the need for large storage tanks required by other systems, saving significant floor space and providing flexibility in unit placement. The compact system delivers the capacity of units far larger, simultaneously supplying nitrogen to multiple bays and tire machines, the manufacturer explained. The fully automatic and portable AutoFill cart ensures proper inflation levels and fills up to six tires at once.

Pneumatech said its PMNG Tire Inflation Series nitrogen generators offer tire dealers and installers an easy-to-use, reliable and inexpensive to operate nitrogen generator, providing safe, environmentally friendly and economical pressurized nitrogen to a shop’s inflation system. Using a high-efficiency membrane and capture system, the PMNG Tire Inflation Series nitrogen generators are fully-packaged and self-regulating. The maker added that the units are easy and inexpensive to install, and can be customized for any dealer or operation.

Parker Hannifin
The Tiresaver018 Wand from Parker Hannifin is a new, handheld manual nitrogen tire inflation product. Its small, lightweight design makes it suitable for use at a variety of locations around the tire service bay, according to the manufacturer. The digital pressure readout makes it easy to check and set pressures while filling tires with nitrogen. It is sized to fill approximately 10,000 tires before replacement. Simply supply compressed air, and the TS018-Wand will continuously produce nitrogen for tire filling, the company said. No expensive nitrogen refills are required.
tiresavernitrogen.comParker Hannifin

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