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Product Spotlight: Lifts


The features and benefits of automotive lifts keep improving. With so many options to choose from – two-post, four-post, scissor, in-ground, above ground, etc. – making a selection can require quite a bit of research.
rotary lift's  y-lift
Look for features that boost a lift’s ease of use for technicians, which will save time and help your shop run more efficiently. Such items include ample space around the wheel wells and sides of a vehicle; adequate surface contact area; easy-to-use lock releases; and arm restraints that engage when the vehicle is lifted. Find lifts with capacities that suit the individual needs of your shop – if you service a wide variety of vehicles, look for lifts that handle cars, vans and trucks, or even light- and medium-duty commercial vehicles. Also keep in mind Environmental Protection Agency concerns, particularly for in-ground lifts.
the s-1400m truck frame lift from tire service equipment manufacturing co.
Included here are some of the latest vehicle lifts designed to improve your shop’s efficiency.

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Rotary Lift’s distinctive Y-Lift is now available as a general service model (Y12). The drive-on lift uses unique Y-shaped legs to provide faster rise/descent speeds and better vehicle access than traditional scissor or four-post lifts, the company said. The new flat top model offers all the productivity benefits of the previously introduced alignment version for other service and repair applications, including quick-service operations, undercarriage and exhaust work, and jobs requiring loaded suspensions, Rotary added. The Y-Lift’s weight-sensing control system maximizes rise speed based on the weight of the vehicle being lifted. For most vehicles, the rise time will be around 37 seconds, which is up to 50% faster than scissor and four-post lifts with the same 12,000-pound capacity, according to the maker. The new lift offers vertical movement and a compact footprint that fits comfortably in smaller bays and is also available in a drive-through configuration to further speed vehicle positioning, especially in quick-service operations.

bendpak's xpr-9fs
S-1400M Truck Frame Lift
The S-1400M Truck Frame Lift from Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. is a fast action, long reach air lift jack that is specially-engineered to meet the requirements of heavy-duty equipment shops, according to the company. The S-1400M has 60 inches between the cylinder and the lift pads, allowing the operator to reach under to lift the truck or equipment by the frame, the safest way. Anywhere an air hose will reach, the lift provides low-cost lifting power with one-man portability, the manufacturer said. Two large center wheels allow the S-1400M to roll and swivel easily for quick positioning, then a technician simply triggers the dual action valve to raise or lower up to 7 tons of truck or equipment. Lifting capacity with available air ranges from 3,900 pounds at 50 psig to 15,600 pounds at 200 psig.

XPR-9FS Lift ari-hetra's hbp hybrid battery-powered mobile lifting system
BendPak said its new XPR-9FS is a full-featured, two-post lift sporting a 113-inch column height and a maximum rise of six feet while still supplying smaller shops and garages with the same features and options as the big guys. The lift can be set to either a wide or narrow drive-through configuration and comes standard with truck and van adapters. The arms are triple telescoping for even more control, and drop-end arms provide a lower pad height, the company noted. Just like the manufacturer’s larger capacity lifts, the XPR-9FS carries the same oversized cable sheaves and heavy-duty 3/8-inch aircraft-quality equalizer cables for fatigue reduction. For added safety, each column contains safety locks spaced every three inches.

Hybrid Battery-Powered Mobile Lift
Ari-Hetra has launched its new HBP Hybrid Battery-Powered Mobile Lifting System with 48,000-pound tothe hunter rx10 140,000-pound capacity. The system employs regenerative charging capability that utilizes the weight of a lifted vehicle to recharge its batteries in order to provide increased cycles between charges, resulting in less power consumption, according to the maker. To further conserve power, the system is equipped with an automatic shut-off sleep mode after one minute of inactivity. The 24V deep-cycle batteries are charged using a single 110VAC, 20 amp outlet and daisy-chaining the four posts. The lifting system can be used in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-post configurations and is ANSI/ALI certified. Each post is identical and no separate power box is needed. The hybrid lift also includes an electronic load cell for accurately measuring the lifted weight on each post for overload protection, displaying the lifted weight on the digital readout provided on each post.

the system i two-post lift from mohawk lifts
RX10 Scissor Lift 
design requires minimum bay space and can save further space with a shallow-pit installation that sets the runways flush to the floor when fully lowered, eliminating the need for long approach ramps, Hunter added. Surface-mounted models provide a lowered height of only 8.75 inches, providing clearance for vehicles with low ride height or low-hanging spoilers. The extra-wide 24-inch runways with louvered ramps make positioning the vehicle on the lift rack easier and the open access at the front and rear creates unrestricted workspace underneath the vehicle, the maker said. Optional 6,000-pound capacity swing air jacks add the capability of lifting vehicles off the runwaysThe Hunter RX10 lift features a 10,000-pound lifting capacity and a choice of runway lengths to accommodate everything from passenger cars to the longest crew cab pickup trucks, according to its manufacturer. The scissor during alignment procedures and other service operations.

System I Two-Post Lift
Mohawk Lifts said its System I two-post lift is a 10,000-pound capacity, clear floor lift that incorporates the company’s patented hydraulic synchronization. The System I is ideal for servicing all cars and light trucks andchallenger lifts' ev1020 envirolift features a low 3.5-inch arm height, which the maker said allows easy access to the lowest riding sports cars. The unit also features clear floor design, adjustable height overhead hydraulic lines, all-position mechanical and hydraulic safeties, and automatic swing arm restraints. Standard equipment includes truck and van adaptors. The System I lift comes with a 25-year structural, 10-year mechanical, plus a limited lifetime hydraulic cylinder warranty, Mohawk added.

EV1020 EnviroLift
Challenger Lifts said its EV1020 EnviroLift cassette-style, in-ground lift meets all the demands of a professional service facility, with over 50% more bearing contact surface than competitor lifts, enhanced wipers on both the top and bottom, and larger 8.5-inch chrome pistons. The EV1020 services more vehicles with its double telescoping screw pads, 3-stage arms and wide drive-through. The unit features a fully-contained polymer housing made fromthe model 209ch two-post lift from peak lifts recycled plastic, so there are no EPA concerns, Challenger said. It also creates a professional showroom style appearance with its open, aesthetically-pleasing look.

Model 209CH Two-Post Lift
The new Model 209CH two-post lift from Peak Lifts features “supersymmetric” (two-in-one) arms to increase overall arm sweep with minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles, according to the maker. The lift also includes dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders; a single-point safety release that allows technicians to disengage both columns simultaneously; self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and bronze bush; a clear-floor design for unobstructed floor use; and an overhead safety shut-off device. Standard equipment includes 1.5-, 3- and 6-inch stackable adapters, door guards and toe guards on lifting arms, and automatic arm restraints. Optional width extension kits are available for between-column widths ranging from 2,850 mm to 3,000 mm, according to the company.

AME International's truck ramps in regular and wide tread widths
Regular, Wide Truck Ramps
AME International offers truck ramps in regular (10-inch, part no. 15400) and wide (16-inch, part no. 15450) tread widths, suitable for cement, dump and garbage trucks. Capacity is 20 tons per pair (they are only to be used in pairs). Diamond plate on the ramp gives better traction and non-skid rubber matting prevents slippage when in use, the maker said. The ramps also feature heavy-duty rubber wheels for durability and a 33-inch retractable T-handle for convenient mobility, AME added.

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