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Product Spotlight: Filters

Efficient filtration can protect against unnecessary wear and prevent premature failure. Here are several options available on the market today.


Dirt: It’s the number one cause of engine breakdown. However, preventative measures – such as efficient baldwin filtersfiltration – can protect against unnecessary wear and prevent premature failure. The latest design of filters includes high-tech filtering characteristics to help prevent damage to the engine, fuel system and transmission. The preventative maintenance market provides easy and cost effective ways to maintain equipment, and stocking popular filters and related supplies boosts your ability to profit from this popular market. Here are just a few options:

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Baldwin Filters
Baldwin Filters said it offers a wide range of filters for heavy-duty and automotive applications, all designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of today’s applications. Each Baldwin filter contains specifically chosen media to provide the contaminant holding capacity and contaminant removal efficiency for an application’s service interval, according to the company. Bald­win spin-on lube filters feature heavy-duty construction that includes a steel coil spring to provide a positive load pressure on the element. Baldwin added it continually updates its line of lube, air, framfuel, hydraulic and coolant filters.

The Fram Xtended Guard oil filter with suregrip feature, is a specially engineered filtering media arranged in two plies and reinforced with a metal screen to deliver up to 10,000 miles of engine protection, according to the maker. The filter is designed to trap and hold more than double the dirt at a 97% dirt trapping efficiency. Addi­tional features include a silicone anti-drainback valve that holds a reserve of oil in the filter to help protect the engine during start-ups. Every Fram oil filter uses a special blend of fibers and resin, providing a proprietary filter media, the company added.napa platinum filters

NAPA said its platinum filters provide ultimate protection, offering technology for the latest advancements in synthetic oil. Features include a wire-backed synthetic media, silicone anti-drain back valve and a stronger, upgraded can design. Additionally, NAPA platinum oil filters use high efficiency synthetic media for engine protection, the company added.
napafilters.comracor top-load oil filter

Parker Hannifin
Parker Hannifin’s Racor division has released the new generation of top-load oil filters, which meet the requirements of today’s oil-controlled, high-pressure fuel injection systems. This Racor-engineered feature eliminates the waste oil that is left in a standard spin-on filter and thrown away during a filter change, according to the company. The top-load oil-conditioning module is an example of value-added Racor engineering that tailors a filtration system to a specific engine working in a broad range of environments. Development includes detailed analysis of the engine’s filtration requirements, change intervals, available mounting space and a cost analysis of the entire program, the maker added.

The Ultraflow oil filters by Pentius are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. According to the company, the new filters were designed to provide better methods to prevent harmful contaminants from causing premature engine wear or damage. All Pentius filters incorporate advanced filtration technology to deliver superior filtering characteristics while delivering cost savings benefits to customers. Pentius added ultraflow oil filters by pentiusthey are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System. Ultraflow oil filters are available for a wide range of U.S. and import vehicles including all Daewoo, Hyundai and Kia models.

The new Purolator Synthetic oil filter is custom-engineered to allow motorists to take advantage of the extended life offered by synthetic oils, according to the company. Purolator Synthetic utilizes 100% synthetic media with pleat support technology containing wire backing to offer substantially more “capacity” than conventional oil filters, meaning it can capture and hold more contaminants over the longer life of synthetic oils without getting clogged. Purolator added its combinationpurolator synthetic oil filter of capacity, efficiency and design technology helps maintain the integrity of the media for extended periods of time. For motorists using synthetic motor oils in their vehicles, Purolator Synthetic provides 10,000-mile vehicle protection.

Wix Filters
Wix Filters said in 2011, it maintained its coverage of light duty applications above 99% of registered vehicles in the North American aftermarket while improving its time to market for new filters. Wix introduced more than 250 new light and heavy-duty filters last year, including 92 domestic and 67 foreign nameplate premium light duty filters. According to the company, industry tests prove that Wix oil filters hold 45% more dirt than the leading national brand and Wix air filters, at nine pleats per inch, feature more Wix Filtersfilter media than competitors, which means more trapped dirt and a longer life.

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