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Product Spotlight: Balancing Compounds


Balancing helps increase tire life and long-term fuel efficiency and can easily be achieved using any of the latest balancing products listed below

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Balancing helps increase tire life and long-term fuel efficiency and can easily be achieved using any of the latest balancing products listed below. The newest balancing products promise a clean, easy application and many are environmentally-friendly. Superior balancing technology keeps tire temperatures cool for maximum performance.

Counteract Balancing Beads
Counteract Balancing Beads is the only tire and wheel assembly balancing system proven to increase fuel efficiency in two separate certified and government-approved tests (TMC – SAE Type II and PIT Energo Test), according to the maker. Its patented technology allows it to respond and react to imbalances “on the fly,” keeping the entire wheel assembly balanced for the life of the tire, the company said, adding that due to a unique, high-tech balancing process, much less friction is created within the moving tire, drastically lowering the operating temperature of the rubber and, in turn, increasing tire life. Counteract said it was the first to bring the “bag-in-bag” drop-in system for ease of application, however, this product also can be installed through the valve stem and is compatible with TPMS and inner tube tires. Counteract added shop owners and managers see less returns, less complaints and better customer retention when the product is used, while more and more fleets are finding increased fuel economy and incredible tire longevity.

Dyna Beads
Innovative Balancing said its Dyna Beads balance tires dynamically without the use of unsightly rim or spoke weights and provide a smoother, longer lasting ride for motorcycle owners. Dyna Beads are one-millimeter ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire (tube or tubeless) to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion, resulting in a glass-smooth ride, the company explained. Additionally, Dyna Beads greatly reduce shop time required for balancing, are environmentally safe and require no special tools for application, the manufacturer added.

International Marketing Inc. (IMI) said balancing truck tires on the road is quick and easy with Equal – just drop a bag in any un-mounted tire and it will break open in the first few miles. Equal tire balancing is an ideal service for road and fleet calls because of its quick installation and lasting value, IMI added. Equal continuously responds to tire imbalance with an equivalent force, maintaining a constantly balanced tire and wheel assembly. It adapts to changes in speed, load and road conditions to dissipate forces that cause irregular wear, the maker explained, adding that this increases tire life and long-term fuel efficiency, regardless of wheel position.

Liquid Tire Balance
Esco Liquid Tire Balance is a free-flowing liquid balancer for truck tires with 19.5-inch and larger diameters. EPA-approved Liquid Tire Balance is a much more environmentally-safe and economical alternative to balancing truck tires for the life of the tire, according to Esco. It helps keep truck tires running cooler, lubricates the bead of the tire, cleans wheels internally, and most      
importantly, balances the tire for its lifetime, the company added.

Magnum Plus
M&R Tire Products said its Magnum Plus tire balancing compound can help maximize the tread life and performance of truck tires by keeping them balanced throughout their life at a very economical cost. Magnum Plus tire balancing compound consists of ultra-smooth microbeads that are placed in the tire during mounting. As the tire rotates, the microbeads are dispersed around the tire by centrifugal force, offsetting vibrations caused by imbalance in the tire/wheel assembly, the company noted. Magnum Plus microbeads react to the outward force created by any heavy spot on the tire assembly by moving in the opposite direction until the force is neutralized, M&R said, adding they then remain in place while the vehicle is in motion, and re-adjust their position whenever road or vehicle conditions change. The microbeads are very durable, ensuring an accurate balance throughout the life of the tire, and can be reused in retread tires, are compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems, and do not require special filtered valve cores, the maker added.

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