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Product Spotlight: Air Compressors

When it comes to air compressors, durability, performance and reliability are just as important to tire dealers as cubic feet per minute (cfm) and pressure (psig). Whether gas or electric, air compressors serve many daily purposes in the shop, from providing compressed air to inflate tires to being the essential engine of the dozens of air-powered tools found in a typical tire and auto service center. Busy shops need air compressors that are low-maintenance, quiet and accurate every time. A reliable warranty and maintenance plan from distributors also are essential.

VMAC has released the Raptair-MF multifunction diesel drive. VMAC said this totally self-contained unit combines compressed air, an AC generator, welder, battery charger, booster and hydraulic capability with VMAC’s trademarked Advanced Digital Controls to produce a one-of-a-kind work solution. In addition, this new system maintains the compact dimensions and lighter weight that is unequaled in the multifunction industry, VMAC said.

Ingersoll Rand

The Ingersoll Rand Type 30 two-stage reciprocating air compressor (No. 2475N7.5) provides reliable, affordable shop-quality air. It is ideal for intermittent applications in tire service shops and delivers up to 175 psig with a fully balanced overhung crankshaft for reduced vibration and smooth, quiet operation, according to the manufacturer. The Type 30 compressor is built from cast iron for increased durability and is designed to give users easy access to pump components, so routine maintenance can be performed quickly.

Kaeser said it Airtower is an affordable, rugged compressor that provides clean, dry compressed air for high-quality tire shops. Features include a packaged compressed air system with a Sigma rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer, and drain – all compactly mounted with a receiver tank. Simply connect the power and air line, and you have a fully operational compressed air system with a very small footprint, added the manufacturer. Compressor sizes include 4, 5, and 7.5 hp with working pressures available from 80 to 217 psig. All Kaeser compressors come with the support from its factory-trained technicians and compressed air system experts.

Atlas Copco
The new GA 7-15 VSD+ range of compact, oil-injected rotary screw compressors can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, said Atlas Copco. The new range, including a full-feature version with an integrated dryer, is 15% more efficient than the previous generation, offers a 12% improvement in free air delivery and is extremely quiet (down to 62 dBA). The manufacturer adds that the motor and drive train share a single drive shaft and are vertically aligned, reducing the total footprint by up to 55%.

Campbell Hausfeld
Campbell Hausfeld introduces its CS series of rotary screw air compressors as part of the new comprehensive CH commercial compressor program. The CS Series is designed to deliver high performance in demanding applications, making them ideal for tire stores, said Campbell Hausfeld. Rated for a 100% duty cycle, each CS series rotary screw air compressor features a German-made, oil-injected compact air module with an integrated air end, oil reservoir and air filter as well as an easily accessible separator and oil filter for quick service and maintenance. Designed to reduce power consumption, the air module automatically loads and unloads based on system demand.

BendPak said its 80-gallon reciprocating air compressors feature the renowned Tri-Max extreme-duty three-cylinder pump manufactured to operate with max efficiency under all load conditions. The 100% cast-iron Tri-Max pump features a W-3 configuration that provides 360-degree cooling efficiency and simple splash lubrication for total reliability. Other features include centrifugal unloader, tapered roller bearings, precision balanced forged ductile iron crankshaft, Baldor motor and Eaton mag starter.

The SEG Series 5-15 horsepower rotary screw air compressor features FS-Curtis’ signature industrial design and construction. The air compressor is ready for demanding automotive and general industrial applications that require whisper-quiet operation and improved air quality, according to the manufacturer. Features such as a decibel shield, ensures noise levels are kept at a minimum. Additionally, the SEG Series 5-15 horsepower product line provides an affordable alternative to FS-Curtis’ industry leading CT, CA, and ML Series reciprocating products where increased air demand, noise levels, or air quality are of concern.


Champion Oil recently announced the availability of heavy duty SAE 30 compressor oil, designed for single-stage reciprocating compressors, two-stage reciprocating compressors, multi-stage reciprocating compressors, and rotary screw compressors where the manufacturers recommend this viscosity grade. Champion heavy duty compressor oil possesses low foaming tendency, coupled with a select additive package that enhances lubricity, protects against rust and oxidation, protects against sludge and varnish deposits, and protects against wear with excellent EP and anti-wear characteristics, according to the manufacturer.

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