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What's Treading - Tire Industry M&A 2021- Steven Rathbone Phillip Kane


Private Equity Heats Up Tire Retail M&A in First Half of 2021 [Audio]


Following the money can tell you a great deal about what’s happening in the tire industry, and, in 2021, capital has been in the hands of private equity-backed companies and publicly held behemoths. So, what does that mean for tire dealers?

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In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, we speak with industry analysts who say these investor-led trends increase the value of independent tire dealerships like never before. Steven Rathbone, managing director for global investment banking and advisory firm Stout, and Phillip Kane, senior advisor for the company, give us an overview of M&A trends in the first half of 2021 and how M&A activity will fare into 2022.


In this episode, Rathbone and Kane delve into:

  • How Goodyear’s purchase of Cooper Tire will affect dealers and, down the line, how it may affect Cooper’s Tier 2 market share [0:47 video]
  • The pandemic’s impact on M&A activity in the tire industry and the players that are driving it [4:10]
  • Segments that have been quiet on the M&A front in the past year [5:34]
  • Geographic areas in the U.S. in which major acquisitions are taking place in the retail sector [6:20]
  • Factors that have led to recent retail consolidation and how it fuels competition [8:14]
  • How the M&A environment in distribution and retail will fare this year and why more acquisitions may be coming down the line [10:56]
  • The rise of e-commerce during the pandemic and how it’s affecting the tire industry, in particular, tire retailers [12:10].

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