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Polishes, Waxes Vital for Perfect Detailing Job


When customers talk about detailing their car, they too often forget that proper washing, polishing and waxing are critical parts of the job. If you offer detailing services as part of your tire business, the list of car washing products, polishes and waxes can be staggering, but don’t panic. There are even products out there that claim to wash, polish and wax all in one bottle or can.

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Do not wash the car in the sunlight. If you must wash the car outside, apply extra water on the cleaned surfaces to keep them from drying. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dreaded water spots.

Before drying the vehicle, run a slow flooding of water over all surfaces of the car. This will encourage a sheeting action, pulling more water off the paint as the water flows off the car.

Next, one prominent company suggests using an instant detailer followed by spray wax on a freshly washed car. This company also advises working one section of the car at a time by spraying in sweeping motions. Spread the product evenly with a clean microfiber towel, distributing the product while wet (do not let it dry). Remove promptly with another clean towel to reveal a brilliant shine. Some companies call this part of the process glazing.


The best idea is to plan ahead for your detailing efforts to get an accurate idea of what can be accomplished. From this point forward you may be a bit overwhelmed if there is a lot of work to do. To lend a hand here’s a list of what should happen, in order, when detailing a car with polishes and waxes, plus a few extras.

• Wash the vehicle
• Detail jambs, under hood, emblems, etc.
• Pre-wax cleaner polish
• Sealer, glaze
• Wax the vehicle
• Detail trim
• Apply correct preservative, clean cracks
• Detail wheels
• Clean glass


Now you see how many products are required to do a proper job. Talk with your supplier for a complete list of products they recommend for a perfect detail job.

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