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Police Investigate Tire Thefts

(Calgary Herald) Royal Canadian Mounted Police are trying to figure who stole 31 truck tires earlier this month from a Linden company that manufactures transportation equipment.


The value of the tires taken from Courtney Berg Industries is around $16,000.

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Beiseker RCMP believe the tires were lifted over the north fence of the facility in Linden, about 100 kilometres northeast of Calgary, sometime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3.

RCMP also say it’s likely several people were involved in the theft and that a large truck or several vehicles were be needed to transport the pilfered goods.

RCMP Acting Sgt. Mike Numan said there’s lots of truck drivers in the area, and the thieves might try selling the stolen tires to them.

"My guess is that they’re looking for a quick buck, so they’ll sell them out of the back of their truck somewhere, at truck stops or wherever," he said. "Or they may have their own business that they’re running that they needed truck tires." (Tire Review/Akron)

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