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Tire Sell-Out Trends During the Coronavirus & into the Future with GfK

We speak with experts from GfK about how the coronavirus has impacted PLT tire sell-out nationwide, and tire sell-out trends dealers can expect to see later this year.

Data is king. It helps you make smart business decisions and drive the growth of your business. And in this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, we delve into the numbers.

We speak with experts from GfK, one of the largest market research organizations in the world that collects tire sell-out data from thousands of POS systems across the U.S. Neil Portnoy, managing director of POS tracking data, and Dave Stevens, vice president of POS Tracking, share data and analysis about how the economic effects of the coronavirus has impacted PLT tire sell-out nationwide. The two also discuss what tire sell-out trends dealers can expect later this year and how the market is changing in response to new consumer behaviors.

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