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What’s Treading, Ep. 14: AI, Machine Learning & Online Chat Platforms with Openbay

In the last few weeks, it seems like the world has shifted into a more digital mindset due to the coronavirus. On today’s podcast, we talk with Rob Infantino, founder of Openbay, about the artificial intelligence and machine learning you can bring to your shop’s digital presence and how online chat platforms could be beneficial for your business.


Openbay is an online marketplace that connects consumers with multiple tire and auto repair shops to complete their desired vehicle maintenance and repairs. It’s also the creator of Otis, an online chat platform for tire and auto shops that uses machine learning to serve customers’ automotive and tire needs.

We delve into the difference between chatbots and chat platforms, how tire dealers can integrate these technologies into their websites, how Openbay’s own online chat platform works and how Rob sees the industry recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

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